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Which House?

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


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Submitted By:GarnetLover


There are three houses built exactly the same. One is filled with cotton, the other with wood, and the third with iron. One day an arsonist sets them all on fire. The sound of sirens was growing louder at the scene. People were screaming. Which house did the ambulance try to put the fire out at first?

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Posted by drussel3 on Aug 16, 2005

I got it on the 2nd read through, tricky....

Posted by cool_bisdak on Aug 16, 2005

tricky question some might answer it but i got the idea. firetrucks not the ambulance puts up a fire.

Posted by MonkeyJoe on Aug 16, 2005

clever clever

Posted by Swordoffury1392 on Aug 16, 2005

AHH!!! I fell for it!
*Mad at self*
Oh well, good teaser though!

Posted by MoneyMaker_Mo on Aug 16, 2005

i knew it almost imediately...heard one like it...good though!!!

Posted by lycanthrope on Aug 16, 2005

caught me. Wicked trick, but nicely done!

Posted by elu93 on Aug 16, 2005

That's fun! It's really good too!

Posted by hit_the_sand on Aug 16, 2005

Man, I totally fell for it!!! I'm so Blonde!!!

Posted by on Aug 16, 2005

He he that one was good, ya got me and my husband as well...funny. Cute...

Posted by on Aug 16, 2005

He he that one was good, ya got me and my husband as well...funny. Cute...

Posted by Therulerofthem on Aug 16, 2005

I fell for it Nice

Posted by drift15 on Aug 16, 2005

i never thought SAT grammar stuff could actually be useful...heheh

Posted by don_antonini on Aug 16, 2005

you got me!!

Posted by misspem on Aug 16, 2005

Nice one!!

Posted by jodocroco on Aug 17, 2005

i cant beleive i fell for that

Posted by trickyleprecaun on Aug 17, 2005

haha, thats funny, and i fell for it too! gee, you really got me!

Posted by kellyc_12_2004 on Aug 17, 2005

I fell for it. I didn't realize it was under the trick catergory. I should pay more attention to that. Great teaser!

Posted by beethovenswig on Aug 18, 2005

I didnt fall for it because I noticed it was in the trick category. Good teaser though

Posted by zigthepig on Aug 18, 2005

That is a real trick!

Posted by cubsfan1 on Aug 18, 2005

so awesome ! u got me and that makes even me laugh !!1

Posted by iblondhaha on Aug 18, 2005

yep, ya got me too . . . oh well, it was still funny

Posted by litt1eME on Aug 19, 2005


Posted by GarnetLover on Aug 19, 2005


Posted by jackal2008us on Aug 19, 2005

Almost got me.Took me a double take to realize it was simpler than I initially thought

Posted by swithie on Aug 21, 2005

Brill, certainly fooled me!!!

Posted by lizardqueen on Aug 21, 2005

i am so dumb i fell for that

Posted by froggygg on Aug 22, 2005

Really great teaser! I got it right away, but my husband was actually studying the houses and was just about to tell me which one when he looks at me and goes "duh" none of them!

Posted by turtlesrock44 on Aug 22, 2005

haha very funny lol

Posted by onlyeeyore on Aug 22, 2005

Okay, I'm a stoopidhead. Great teaser!

Posted by kayl_bayl on Aug 23, 2005

i fell for it! i thought i was all smart because i said the iron one because the others burnt down already. good job!

Posted by loveshellylove on Aug 24, 2005

I enjoyed this! Good teaser...made me laugh

Posted by blca on Aug 29, 2005

you totally tricked me great teaser

Posted by soccercow10 on Aug 30, 2005

ha ha !! this one was very fun to do!
i never noticed the fact that it said ambulances. i was caught up in the elements that were in the house!!
clever....clever indeed.....

Posted by Hermione500 on Sep 04, 2005

As soon as I clicked the show answer link I was like "Wait a sec..." Well, at least I got it. XD

Posted by on Sep 04, 2005

Best one I heard all day,you totally got me!

Posted by AZTTT on Sep 14, 2005

It took me a bit, but I actually got it! good job

Posted by bagogirl on Sep 16, 2005

wow, i am really stupid...

Posted by thorax on Sep 16, 2005

i thought it was a typo

Posted by amelia639 on Sep 16, 2005

that's really good i didn't notice the ambulance word so i had to look at the answer

Posted by mbunap on Sep 17, 2005

And roosters don't lay eggs. I'm kind of surprised that anyone missed this one.

Posted by mbunap on Sep 17, 2005

And roosters don't lay eggs. I'm kind of surprised that anyone missed this one.

Posted by OldChinaHand on Sep 17, 2005

My had a lot of fun

Posted by OldChinaHand on Sep 17, 2005

My ESL business had a great time with this one. Thanks.

Posted by Chakoteya on Sep 17, 2005

Easy peasy fun

Posted by Vercetti on Sep 17, 2005

Wahahahahaha! It's one of those famous trick question teasers!!! Me like those so much!!!

Posted by MattM462 on Sep 17, 2005

that caught me.

Posted by laura0489 on Sep 17, 2005

I really don't want to admit this.....but ok you got me too.

Posted by Aarghonauts on Sep 17, 2005

HOw did that happen? I finally got one right Thanks for the laugh and the ego boost

Posted by iteachkids on Sep 17, 2005

Wahhhhhhhhh!!! Got me too! Here's my excuse: I'm in a hurry to go to a meeting. The dog ate my homework? Oh well. It is definitely a fun one that I will LOVE pulling on students!

Posted by mekaboo27 on Sep 17, 2005

I can't believe it but you got me on that one. I was not paying attention to the fact that you said ambulance and I read it several times.Duh! my name is Very tricky I am not so ashamed that I must go jump into a river of heresey chocolate and drown in it. Keep them coming that was great!!!!!

Posted by Spammy on Sep 17, 2005

When I first read it (and you got me) I thought the answer was obvious..."the one with the people screaming in it!"

After a second read I caught my mistake.

Posted by jessjspieks on Sep 17, 2005

Well....the cotton house would be gone already, the iron probably didn't burn I go with the wood one.....aaaah dangit, you got me

Posted by chaskey on Sep 17, 2005

I was about to get all fired up until I read it again. Mean but fun!

Posted by gumdrop480 on Sep 17, 2005

good one! im not tellin u if i fell 4 it or not tho.....

Posted by redneck_woman on Sep 17, 2005

I'm guessing the person above me got "got"....I did too I'm sad to say! Good one Garnet!

Posted by wolfy68 on Sep 17, 2005

Excellent! Variations of this mind- bender have been around forever, I think...but, it's always nice to see a new one! You taught me, once again, Read Each Word very carefully! Thanks and Bravo to you!

Posted by Dance24-7 on Sep 17, 2005

ha ha you got me on this 1 i was thinkin wood but then i read the answer and started laughing it's a good is going on my favorites list

Posted by jimmym on Sep 17, 2005

silly rabbit...tricks are for kids!

Posted by tdc_tmc on Sep 17, 2005

I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell for it!!

Posted by schatzy228 on Sep 17, 2005

sorry, not even close, surprised that some didnt get it,,,remember the one where to bury survivors?,,,or the one where a rooster laid an egg? but this is still one more than i have submitted sooo--good job

Posted by xFLoRiDa_HuNNyX on Sep 17, 2005

haha.good one

Posted by REBRAB on Sep 17, 2005

easy but fun

Posted by joeyleahs2 on Sep 17, 2005

stumped me . excuse? uuummm... How about it is early. Yah Yah it is early that is why I didnt get.

Posted by skittle499 on Sep 17, 2005

Didn;t get it like always Very fun though add this to my favorites

Posted by skittle499 on Sep 17, 2005

Really good one Garnet. And I ment to say I am going to add this to my favorites

Posted by gorillazgirl on Sep 17, 2005

I loved that one!!

Posted by POPS on Sep 17, 2005

I am a retired firefighter,I knew the answer as soon as I saw it.But I really got a good laugh looking at the comments!!!!!!! good job my friend.

Posted by Question_Mark on Sep 17, 2005

I fell for it.

Posted by panther on Sep 17, 2005


Posted by dutchymonster on Sep 17, 2005


I got it strait away


Posted by ceeyaaa on Sep 17, 2005

i know better..but here I was concentrating on the houses..duh...I had a good laugh at my stupidity...hehehe

Posted by joseph_robidoux on Sep 17, 2005

lol i wasnt paying attencion lol i know one kinda like that dealing with a plane crash

Posted by riddlelover on Sep 17, 2005

Excellent, brilliant!!! I love it!!!! In my favorites!!!!!

Posted by thimblenoggin on Sep 17, 2005

What are we in pre-school?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2005

HAHAHA!!!!! i fell for it. now i feel stupid!!!

Posted by emmh on Sep 18, 2005

Apart from the cake contest, this is the first one I got right in a week of receiving teasers of the day. So maybe my brain's coming round to the right way of thinking. They're all really clever. I love 'em. This was natty, even though I got it. Well done.

Posted by kimmi on Sep 18, 2005

i recognize that ambulances do not typically put out fires, but it says, "which house did the ambulance TRY to put out the fire at first?" well, as public safety workers, it's likely that ambulance workers might TRY to put out a fire, even if that's the job of a fire truck.

Posted by lorelle_b on Sep 18, 2005

haha fell for it TOO!!! oh well. good job.

Posted by thorax on Sep 18, 2005

am i the only one who thought it was a typo

Posted by jabdr on Sep 18, 2005

You sure got me! Great one.

Posted by geniesue on Sep 18, 2005

didn't get it, so easy once you know the answer

Posted by boriqua on Sep 19, 2005

That was a good one

Posted by GarnetLover on Sep 20, 2005

Thanx every1!

Posted by oceanmist22626 on Sep 20, 2005

i got it but it almost threw me!

great teaser! i luv it!

Posted by Haylie1506 on Sep 21, 2005

Sadly...*sniff*...I didn't get it...

Posted by drummergirl on Sep 22, 2005

ha. ahaha. ahahahahaha... ha.

Posted by Katelin on Sep 23, 2005

ha ha good one.

Posted by ElectricYou on Oct 24, 2005

New spin on the oldest trick in the book! Fabulous. Can't believe I fell for it

Posted by shabz4lyf on Oct 28, 2005

Hee hee hee you made me laugh thanx a lot... you got me oh!!! so funny ha ha ha

Posted by shabz4lyf on Oct 28, 2005

Hee hee hee you made me laugh thanx a lot... you got me oh!!! so funny ha ha ha

Posted by shabz4lyf on Oct 28, 2005

Hee hee hee you made me laugh thanx a lot... you got me oh!!! so funny ha ha ha

Posted by smarty_blondy on Oct 29, 2005

And to think i was all like "I know, i know, pick me, it's the cotton one!". Good one.

Posted by bookworm91 on Nov 10, 2005

you mean ambulances dont put out fires?? i missed that one big-time!

Posted by TheEarthling on Nov 20, 2005

Hahaha! Very funny. I had to read it twice before picking up the mistake.

Posted by FerretGirl on Nov 22, 2005

How could a house filled with iron catch on fire? Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter.....

Posted by rkaaland on Dec 01, 2005

Loved it!! going in my favs

Posted by GoHarryPotterCS on Dec 14, 2005

I ALREADY put it in my favs! Lol. I loved it! Kepp em comin.

Posted by Tryer on Dec 29, 2005

First time I got one straight away! Still a good one though

Posted by Quickq on Apr 13, 2006

I started to think about it then I noticed it said "ambulance".

Posted by Psychic_Master on Apr 18, 2006

I didn't know it was a trick question! I can't believe I fell for that ...really nice one! Tricky...

Posted by akl21 on Jul 12, 2006

I overthought.

How like me. I loved that one.

Posted by bandnerdnproud7 on Sep 17, 2006

That was a tricky one. Haha...I was waiting up until 12 to be the first one to comment, but there were already 101 comments when I got here...dang earlier time zones! Oh well.

Posted by vlerma on Sep 17, 2006

We have a volunteer fire department who go either way - fire or emergency. But a fireman is still the one a person would expect to try to put out a fire.

Nice presentation though. More please?

Posted by lmurray on Sep 17, 2006


Posted by starnz on Sep 17, 2006

Perhaps if I hadn't tried to do this at 30 A.M., I may have caught the "trick" word!!! Shame on me!!

Posted by Badger on Sep 17, 2006

What I really want to know is: "In who's yard did they bury the survivors"?
PS: I was amazed at how many people fell for it, most of whom are much smarter than I! I don't think I'll trick my kids on it, but I'll sure try! Thanks.

Posted by Badger on Sep 17, 2006

bandnerd: I'll give you credit for first to comment. Most of the other comments are over a year old! Signed, twobandnerdsdadandproudof secondinstatelastyear

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Sep 17, 2006

A marvelously tricky and enjoyable teaser. I commend you! This one goes to my favorites. Paying attention to detail, pays off in the long run. Keep these type of teasers coming!

Posted by bradon182001 on Sep 17, 2006

My answer? The house that had the screaming peiple in it. So much for thinking. That will teach me to be logical.

Posted by Scitchr on Sep 17, 2006

Good trick. I got it, though it looks like few did. Good fun.

Posted by Infinitoid on Sep 17, 2006

hahaha i was like "whichever dork came up with this joke doesnt know what an ambulance is" nice one garnetlover

Posted by Synlapse on Sep 17, 2006

I had too many "irons" in the fire and didn't see the ambulance coming. Got me too !!!

Posted by FeaerFactorY666 on Sep 17, 2006


Posted by jabdr on Sep 17, 2006

Not only got me but also got me laughing. I see it also got me a year ago....scarey..

Posted by Coolfreeze on Sep 17, 2006

I like it!

Posted by Shriya on Sep 17, 2006

I too fell for it. I thought its no use saving a house made of cotton and an iron house won't burn. So, my answer was WOOD!!!

Posted by utnative on Sep 17, 2006

i can't believe it, i said the answer just as i was going to look at the answer. it thought it was too hard for me. what a fluke great teaser

Posted by largo40 on Sep 17, 2006


Just too funny!!!!!

Worth the chuckle.

Posted by kman613 on Sep 17, 2006

My brain must be working today - caught that one right away. Good one though - I'll see how many people I can "stump" today w/ it...

Posted by Moon_Girl_ on Sep 17, 2006


i didn't even think that they didn't put out fires!

Posted by underdog on Sep 17, 2006


come up with one a liitle bit harder next time HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Posted by luvdoritos706 on Sep 17, 2006 surprised that i didnt catch that....nice

Posted by phyllisa on Sep 17, 2006

Ambulances have sirens, but don't put out fires!

Posted by POPS on Sep 17, 2006

I am a 30 year veteran in the Fire Service, You did not fool me but you sure fooled a lot of people. CUTE.

Posted by Qrystal on Sep 17, 2006

tee hee hee, good one!

Posted by suganue on Sep 17, 2006

I cannot believe you got me with that one. What was I thinking? Very little obviously. Maybe if I had not ran throught it and taken my time I would not have fell for such an easy trick. Great teaser. It was fun!!

Posted by tdbrsun on Sep 17, 2006

Got me too. oh boy!

Posted by saleprice on Sep 17, 2006

OMG, you got me too!! LOL
I cant believe I fell for the oldest trick in the book, serves me right for rushing to find an answer.........

Posted by FatHead on Sep 18, 2006

How many of each animal did Moses take to the ark.

Posted by Badger on Sep 19, 2006

Good one, Fathead! I forgot about that oldie but goldie!

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Sep 19, 2006

This one surely got me! Fell for the trick. Teaches me not to rush into thinking fast, without reading the teaser carefully. This is a very clever teaser. Maybe we could try this on others on April Fools Day too!

Posted by Battery on Oct 24, 2006

I cant believe i didnt see that!

Posted by CountdownCrispy on Oct 26, 2006

Completely had, you swine!

Posted by Iamthedude54321 on Nov 17, 2006

Nice job, you tricked me.

Posted by Lizzie713 on Nov 24, 2006

I got it

Posted by senther7 on Nov 30, 2006

wow i must be really stupid if i didnt get it...and i had a dictionary turned to abluances(no serosoly)

Posted by kuttiekat2u on Jan 14, 2007

i'm really smart and get all the teasers right and when i read your question i said duh the wood and then i read the answer and thought how dum i was to think that. so you got the smart one.GOOD JOB!

Posted by kuttiekat2u on Jan 14, 2007

Posted by 1smart_okie on Nov 10, 2007

GREAT TEASER!!!! Loved it! You got me!

Posted by madbolin on Dec 30, 2007

good one. i was really stumped on tHAT ONE

Posted by NishaNisha on Aug 23, 2008

nice one........i was like "ofcourse the wood house" but when i saw the answer i knew i was a lunatic.

Posted by sammyfish on Sep 15, 2008

OMG i actually got on!!
(even if it was only in the time the answer took to load! )

Posted by Irish_chic on Oct 04, 2008

wow my little sib got it before I did.

Posted by here2 on Feb 10, 2009

you totally got me.

Posted by BNL101 on Mar 27, 2009

Haw, haw, got it! Gooooood one though!

Posted by doehead on Sep 17, 2009

Good one for the younger generation,but much too easy for anyone over 12.

Posted by FreeSarah on Sep 17, 2009

Ah. got me.

Posted by willymapo on Sep 17, 2009

You know, I got it at first read because my first though while I was reading was: how do you fill a house with wood? Probably he mean a house built of wood. Then I read cotton, and though: that is the old tricky Which weights more, a pound of cotton or a pound of iron? Finally I read Ambulance, and since I was in catching mode, I got it, actually even forgetting what the houses were full of.

Posted by here2 on Sep 17, 2009

Ugh - when it shows up in my Google home page, I can't see that the type is trick. I totally missed it. Very nice.

= p

Posted by auntiesis on Sep 17, 2009

Very nice. Easy but fun. Very tricky.

Posted by Lord_Hawk on Sep 17, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fell for it. Dayumn.

Posted by sashomarine on Jan 15, 2010

I cannot believe I fell fer that!

Posted by HABS2933 on Sep 17, 2012

Got it right away.

Posted by cutebug on Sep 17, 2012

Very old and very EZ.

Posted by here2 on Sep 17, 2012


Posted by Babe on Sep 17, 2012

Good one and very funny! I read right over it and paid no attention to the obvious. To Ferretgirl..the house could easily catch on fire, but the iron would not burn. Simple, right?

Posted by makani on Sep 17, 2012

Hahahahahaha I liked it but didn't get the answer myself. Nice one.

Posted by cutebug on Sep 17, 2015


Posted by raisin99 on Sep 17, 2015

easy, but the last sentence is missing a preposition!

Posted by Zykezex on Sep 17, 2015

If the ambulance had a fire extinguisher, which house would the ambulance crew extinguish first. Anyway I got it.

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