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Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


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Submitted By:norcekri


Nora Shekrie paid a visit to her niece, Saffa Moore, at Watts-Amata U. One of the first things Nora noticed was a tastefully framed poster over Saffa's desk, apparently a long-range photo of some celestial rock.
"Aunt Nora, did you know they just discovered two more moons of Pluto last week?"
"I read about it, but I didn't realize they had posters out already."
"Oh, this is just a photo some astronomy buff in New Mexico took. He made posters, and he's selling them for $10 each on Uzz-Bay. He included a whole web page on the physical features, especially the impact craters. He says he's working on his PhD. at UNM, y'know, at the Flagstaff campus? That's where Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in the first place."
"I thought Tombaugh was from Illinois."
"He grew up in Streator, but he worked at Flagstaff when he found Pluto."
"Ah. So, what's so great about these craters?"
"Well, there are these elliptical ones in the upper right, pretty much pointing in the same direction, like they're probably all the same age, from one big meteor storm. Then there are a few teardrop-shaped ones here and there, and my favorite is this pair, where two of them make a cute little heart right where the moon's little behind would be. Isn't it darling?"
"It sure is. But I really think your parents should have a talk with a few people."
"Because I'm so excited about astronomy?"
"Because you're not learning enough to know when you're being cheated."

How did Nora know?

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