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Distorted Circle

An optical illusion is a visually perceived image that is deceptive or misleading.


Fun:*** (3.08)
Submitted By:Jake


In spite of what your eyes are telling you, the smaller off-center circle is actually perfectly round.

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Posted by bookworm91 on Nov 10, 2005

AWESOME! and im the first.. hehe

Posted by Swordoffury1392 on Nov 10, 2005

I've seen all of these illusions before but they are still pretty fun.

Posted by BOOKLOVER1 on Nov 10, 2005


Posted by sniperkid990 on Nov 10, 2005


Posted by BrieCheese on Nov 10, 2005

Wow that makes my eyes hurt

Posted by medster99 on Nov 10, 2005

oo im fun #6
i like this one

Posted by redraptor50 on Nov 10, 2005

Great one, keep these coming

Posted by bonkerz on Nov 10, 2005

hella hain

Posted by smarty_blondy on Nov 12, 2005

Good one.

Posted by meme2559 on Nov 12, 2005

Hey it looks bent because of the swirls!

Posted by Pop_Qla on Nov 12, 2005

It doesnt look round - it looks like an egg.

Posted by FerretGirl on Nov 12, 2005

Well, there goes the saying about how you can trust your eyes!

Posted by tjc_13 on Nov 12, 2005

well if you stare at the smaller circle it is perfectly round

Posted by IMPAUDITOR2 on Nov 20, 2005


Posted by lovefrenzy on Nov 29, 2005

it looks like the circle is being sucked in the black hole

Posted by hidentreasure on Nov 30, 2005

good one.

Posted by mrguyguy on Dec 05, 2005

it looks like it is sloppy but perfect when it notices you are looking

Posted by Graceiswayneat on Dec 06, 2005


Posted by Chickybabe on Dec 10, 2005

hehe that was cool! but i really think you guys like the eye rolling icons lol

Posted by Baby_Girl on Dec 19, 2005

The circle looks deflicted but its not. I look that it made me use my mind!!

Posted by celtic_knot on Dec 20, 2005

Really? I guess so...

Posted by sudokulvr on Dec 21, 2005

WIERD! at first, when i looked at it, it was all messed, but if u cross ur eyes, then look at it, its perfectly round

Posted by sudokulvr on Dec 21, 2005

WIERD! at first, when i looked at it, it was all messed, but if u cross ur eyes, then look at it, its perfectly round

Posted by Tryer on Dec 29, 2005


Posted by jlvsbeks on Dec 31, 2005

makes me dizzy

Posted by luckythirteen on Jan 01, 2006

wierd...but good

Posted by Celanba on Jan 22, 2006

I already see that it's round, what do ya need to tell me for?

Posted by LuCkYgirl21 on Jan 30, 2006


Posted by zubbsy2 on Feb 04, 2006

That makes my eyes hurt... lol it took me a second there to see the circle right. Good one!

Posted by EmoHearts21 on Feb 11, 2006

That is really weird!

Posted by thecoolperson on Feb 20, 2006


Posted by kci2994 on Mar 05, 2006

wow! i just luv optival illusions

Posted by 98_angel on Mar 11, 2006

wow confusing

Posted by soccerstar_1515 on Mar 13, 2006

im drawn to the middle circle

Posted by riddlelover on Mar 17, 2006

Very cool!

Posted by riddlelover on Mar 17, 2006

Very cool!

Posted by amygurl101 on Mar 19, 2006

i like this one but 2 me it looks like the big circle is the one thats distorted.

Posted by lukeschett on Mar 21, 2006


Posted by faithie377 on Mar 26, 2006

this is so cool i loved it

Posted by Andylee964 on Apr 03, 2006

Speaking of circles... I have pi memorized to the 70th decimal. This is a cool optical illusion. It's one that actually works.

Posted by calmsavior on Apr 07, 2006

naw i saw a circle

Posted by eLmo3922 on Apr 15, 2006

eh...first it looked squished but i got it!

Posted by elisewa3 on Apr 17, 2006

my eyes decieve me!
very goood!

Posted by Faith3222 on Jun 08, 2006

this one i've seen a million times! but still good!

Posted by danielzerman on Jun 18, 2006


Posted by brits1994 on Jun 22, 2006


Posted by jollylolly on Jul 05, 2006

that was rlly cool! but i didnt get it at first

Posted by phosphate3 on Jul 18, 2006

pretty spiffy :p

Posted by TheSmartest on Sep 19, 2006

Really? It is a perfect circle? When I held a half dollar to it, it still came up slightly uneven... Wait, I know!!! My eyes are uneven that has to be it....

Posted by reptile5000 on Nov 11, 2006


Posted by Pizzazz2u on Dec 31, 2006

Another Totally Awesome Illusion! And, here it is a perfectly round circle! Keep teaching us, Jake!

Posted by sftball_rocks13 on Mar 26, 2007


Posted by cooltigerr1 on Mar 31, 2007

haha like it

Posted by on Apr 18, 2007


Posted by on May 02, 2007

i dun get it

Posted by saxman on May 03, 2007

Cool. I held a circle template on the screen and they all looked bugus, too.

Posted by lilrena4ever on May 31, 2007 no no....

Posted by i_lov_jordan07 on Jun 10, 2007

um... I see a reallly weird picture of my moms cooking inside a swirly oven

Posted by auntiesis on Jun 12, 2007

It is amazing how the eye can be fooled. Very cooooool !!!!

Posted by Kamazar on Jun 13, 2007

Oooooh, oooooow, headache. Cool illusion though, it looks like an oval but it turns out it's not. Oooo.

Posted by meg19_83 on Jul 19, 2007

i can tell its round

Posted by on Jul 22, 2007

What the freak? It keeps moooooving. 0.o

Posted by luckypuppy on Aug 15, 2007

I like.

Posted by crystal2040379 on Sep 29, 2007

good though

Posted by luckylefty on Sep 30, 2007

My eyes ARE telling me that it is round

Posted by SAZZA_7 on Jan 11, 2008

hey im first to post in 08
( 2008 )

it was round!!!

Posted by lauren044-- on Jan 24, 2008


Posted by hipeople on Feb 28, 2008

wow it was kuool

Posted by on Apr 03, 2008

wow this is the gayest one i had seen so far

Posted by Lara200 on May 22, 2008

its actualy boring

Posted by ZGymnast on May 26, 2008

That circle doesn't look round???!!!

Posted by SweetAshleyGirl on Jun 07, 2008


Posted by jmichalek0121 on Jun 10, 2008

i don't see any distortion...

Posted by Lita_Lightheart on Jun 25, 2008


Posted by zodiac1233 on Jul 20, 2008


Posted by on Aug 11, 2008



I L-O-V-E IITT!!!!!!

Posted by 7thgraderocks on Aug 31, 2008


Posted by HawkGarcia on Oct 29, 2008

I can only tell it's round when I squint my eyes.

Posted by on Feb 07, 2009

This may sound weird but it looks rounded to me I am freaked out now Lol

Posted by reggie57 on Apr 04, 2009


Posted by jess_19 on Apr 07, 2009

whatever that is lumpy not round...geez people!

Posted by ashfitz96 on May 04, 2009

I thought this was kind of boring!

Posted by sashomarine on Jan 16, 2010

I can only see that it'a round when I'm squinting... >_< -Yup, Round..

Posted by on Feb 27, 2010

A circle is made up of short lines so therefore a circle can not be perfectly round. Nor are lines perfectly straight.

Posted by gathena on May 27, 2010

That shows that you can't trust your eyes! Tahnks for the science in that one!

Posted by Candyhook on Nov 18, 2010

it looked unround 2 me

Posted by Eleminoh on Dec 31, 2010

Weird. O_o

Posted by Mandy7 on Jul 31, 2011

how can u tel the middle 1 is perfect? cuz i didnt get that 1

Posted by spud on Oct 19, 2011

That is pretty awesome I don't get how the middle circle is a perfect circle it looks like a little off on a couple of the sides!!!! ^...^

Posted by Aprilasb on Jul 02, 2012

It...did look round at first. I didn't see any distortion.

Posted by Obilio on Dec 11, 2012

I like these cause I don't know how they work thanks again

Posted by SaraGrace on Jul 30, 2013

Lil about this one

Posted by JeremyRedhead on Feb 11, 2015

It kinda looks like the moon, which is ACTUALLY not perfectly spherical, but more like an egg.

Posted by Milesme on Sep 20, 2016

Why does this happen?

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