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Four Letters

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.88)
Submitted By:bigSWAFF_69_


The blanks below can be filled in with words spelled with the same four letters in different order. Find them.

There once was a musical, _ _ _ _.
It was performed in three _ _ _ _.
When it was through,
The audience flew
And all of the _ _ _ _ went _ _ _ _.


There once was a musical, CATS
It was performed in three ACTS
When it was through,
The audience flew
And all of the CAST went SCAT.


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Posted by Brainy_1 on Dec 26, 2005

I liked this very much! Good teaser...even tho I didn't get it right. Into my favs!

Posted by WJSMama on Dec 26, 2005

Very fun. Not too easy or too hard

Posted by rose_Luv_heart on Dec 27, 2005

Very Fun But was kinda hard

Posted by troy14 on Dec 27, 2005

thats awesome!

Posted by sgtammo on Dec 27, 2005

Good Teaser. I enjoyed it!

Posted by sugarnspice4u7 on Dec 28, 2005

love it!!!!

Posted by scm14 on Jan 02, 2006

Clever...very clever!

Posted by thimblenoggin on Jan 07, 2006

We've all noticed that these four simple wordss all have the same letters in common, but to put them in the context of an extremely well-known Boadway musical was smart.

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Jan 15, 2006

thanksgood teaser, very clever, I was stumped!

Posted by puttaholic on Jan 27, 2006

i got most of it right
very clever, great teaser

Posted by tamjp on Jan 27, 2006

That was brilliant Logan!

Posted by ragethe3rd on Jan 27, 2006

I got one right I'm cool. hehe

Posted by OldChinaHand on Jan 27, 2006

Any TACS (Training and Curriculum Specialists) will enjoy this one. Short and sweet. Good One.

Posted by OldChinaHand on Jan 27, 2006

In Am.E a barrel...We use the same method if we want to share a pint..

Posted by OldChinaHand on Jan 27, 2006

Sorry... the above comment is for the 'Water Butt' Trivia brain teasers. OCH

Posted by coachpisco on Jan 27, 2006

How did you come up with that? Very ingenious.

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Jan 27, 2006

A clever teaser. Simple words, all anagrams. The clues were well thought of.

Posted by churchlady on Jan 27, 2006

Ha ha on me - didn't get it. Oh well. Very clever

Posted by jabdr on Jan 27, 2006

Great one. It was different, clever and fun. Thanks for an early morning smile.

Posted by mitzimesser on Jan 27, 2006

That one was really cute.

Posted by shawneeo on Jan 27, 2006

I saw this is the "teasers without answers" section a while ago, so I knew the answer already. Don't know if I would have gotten it otherwise. Thanks!

Posted by packerfan on Jan 27, 2006

This is the first tease that I commented on and I have to say it was very clever !!!

Posted by raff on Jan 27, 2006

pretty good but i couldn't get the last one! nice job it was very clever

Posted by kman613 on Jan 27, 2006

easy and fun

Posted by iteachkids on Jan 27, 2006

DeLIGHTful!!! Great way to start a day!!!

Posted by thecelticgod on Jan 27, 2006

Clever and fun. Thank you

Posted by chaskey on Jan 27, 2006

I am awed by this degree of cleverness! It is much like my cat!

Posted by wiswildcat on Jan 27, 2006

good one!!

Posted by luckybrown on Jan 27, 2006

very cute. like the porridge, it was just right.

Posted by boricuamarie1 on Jan 27, 2006

it was ok ! /|\

Posted by lorelle_b on Jan 27, 2006

Quote: It was okay

NO WAY! It was awesome! Very clever and creative! TWO thumbs way up!

Posted by POPS on Jan 27, 2006

Did not get it But found it very clever and cute

Posted by smosaka on Jan 27, 2006

I got everything except "cast". Yay! Very fun teaser, keep them coming!

Posted by Aarghonauts on Jan 27, 2006

That was fun Got em all but scat (can someone "go scat"??) Anyway, it was fun!

Posted by mrtickles on Jan 27, 2006


Posted by c_rae on Jan 27, 2006

Very cute and clever. I enjoyed it even more since my 9 year old kitty died yesterday. It was nice to be reminded of her (she would always run and hide when someone would come over (scat). Thank you.

Posted by christine77 on Jan 27, 2006

i really liked this teaser!! it was cute and fun! nice one.

Posted by rue875 on Jan 27, 2006

Good one. I liked it.

Posted by deadhead on Jan 27, 2006

very good, too cute

Posted by SillyJilly on Jan 28, 2006

that was so cute. Fun re arranging letters to find words... oncew I figured out acts.

Posted by bluehawk on Jan 28, 2006


Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Jan 29, 2006

that was hecka cool

Posted by renae on Jan 29, 2006

Yay!! I'm pleased it was submitted!!

Posted by bisqueet814 on Feb 09, 2006

Sorry, i didn't get the answer I was to impatient. I guess it's a side effect from the blondeness! he he

Posted by cloughme on Jan 27, 2007

Excellent! Very well written and not too difficult.

Posted by lmurray on Jan 27, 2007


Posted by marschie on Jan 27, 2007

I got 3 of the 4. I didn't get SCAT. Oh well ...

Posted by Trishgal on Jan 27, 2007

Very cute. Igot it too . Was really cute.

Posted by anion on Jan 27, 2007

Wow!!! This teaser was amazing. I never would have thought of that. I didn't get it. I did enjoy trying though. Great Job!! I look forward to seeing more from you.

Posted by coachpisco on Jan 27, 2007

Pretty ingenius if you ask me. Good teaser.

Posted by campfirecutie on Jan 27, 2007

Great teaser!! Took me a while but I finally got it!!

Posted by puttumup on Jan 27, 2007

bravo...great one ..

Posted by ViaTunisi on Jan 27, 2007

I got all of them even though I don't understand the "scat" part. Very clever.

Posted by avonma on Jan 27, 2007

It was pretty easy, but fun and funny! Thanks!

Posted by bradon182001 on Jan 27, 2007

Nice job. I didn't get it, so ya got me!!

Posted by katjojo on Jan 27, 2007

Very, very cute. I did not get it...but, it made me laugh.

Posted by dachshund2k3 on Jan 27, 2007

aww, i missed the comma before CATS, thinking there must be something else there.

Posted by auntiesis on Jan 27, 2007

Love cats, loved this teaser. Easy but made me smile.

Posted by phyllisa on Jan 27, 2007

Good teaser, didn't get it.
BTW you say SCAT to shoo away cats (but only if you want them to go away).

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Jan 27, 2007

A highly imaginative and entertaining teaser! Not too easy and yet hard enough to tease others! Totally fantastic! Keep these type of teasers on the daily routine. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Qrystal on Jan 27, 2007

Aww, that was cute! I love limericks, and what an ingenious way to bring those four anagrams together!!

Posted by jcann on Jan 27, 2007

I couldn't come up with an answer this morning, but this late afternoon it came to me right away! I'm glad I didn't just give up and look at the answer, as I sometimes do. I guess this must mean I do my best thinking in the afternoon. Good teaser!

Posted by bgil7604 on Jan 27, 2007

I sort of misread the instructions, but I thought it was a good, fun teaser.

Posted by jimbo58 on Jan 27, 2007

If memory serves, this teaser--or some form of it--has been on here during the past year or so.

Posted by I_Write_Books on Jan 27, 2007


Posted by breathesunshine on Jan 27, 2007

Purrfect teaser!

Posted by CatSmw on Jan 27, 2007


Posted by Tryer on Jan 27, 2007

I really like this!

Posted by OhEmGee on Jan 27, 2007

i got the first two easily but the second two i couldnt get. but i likes it. good one

Posted by scallio on Jan 27, 2007


Posted by GebbieRose on Jan 27, 2007

That was clever & fun!

Posted by gaylewolf on Jan 28, 2007

I loved it! Very clever! Thanks

Posted by Sand-Storm on Jan 28, 2007

Clever & fun.

Posted by notsosmart111 on Jan 28, 2007

That was utterly smart! Couldnt figure it out.

Posted by wordmama on Jan 28, 2007

Igot most of it; missed CAST.

Enjoyable, nonetheless.

Posted by wandering_goat on Jan 30, 2007

Nice. I would never have gotten this one though, so I'm glad I didn't try!

Posted by vlerma on Feb 01, 2007

Swaff, that was really fun and neat. More please?

Posted by scallio on Jan 27, 2010


I didn't get the correct answer when I first read this a couple years ago and didn't again today. Slow learner, I guess.
NOTE, TONE? What was I thinking?!

Best I just go back to bed!

Posted by FatHead on Jan 27, 2010

That was cool. Too bad it couldn't be a true limerick, though.

Posted by sunnybonghits on Jan 27, 2010

Well done indeed

Posted by glowtmickey on Jan 27, 2010

Scatman came on the radio once I saw the answer

good teaser

Posted by UptheHill on Jan 27, 2010


Posted by gaylewolf on Jan 28, 2010

Good teaser!



Posted by Babe on Jan 27, 2013

A very clever and fun teaser. I got two of them and that is all, but it was fun!

Posted by gaylewolf on Jan 27, 2013

This was fun and easy for me! Thanks for posting. Hi to CB - hope all is going well!

Posted by cutebug on Jan 27, 2013

Nice and easy.

Posted by GertieMarie on Jan 27, 2013

Fun and pretty easy. Good one. I liked it a lot.

Posted by Maggiethe8th on Jan 27, 2013

Had fun searching the memory bank for the show-found 'Hair' first, then quickly changed to the correct one-The rest fell into place-Thank you for the fun!

Posted by allythebuterfly on Jan 27, 2013

Whoo! Yeah I got it! So excited to finally be getting better at these! At first I couldn't get any of the daily teasers, but now I'm starting to figure out every other one

Posted by catmom on Jan 27, 2016

I first tried Hair, then Mame, I did get anywhere with those, so the only other 4 letter title that came to me was Cats.......Bingo!!

Posted by catmom on Jan 27, 2016


Posted by Marple on Jan 28, 2016

What does Scat mean? I've never heard that word before!

Posted by FatHead on Jan 28, 2016

It means to scram or to leave.

To look up any word, just feed it, and the word definition, into Google.

Posted by Marple on Jan 29, 2016

Thanks Fat Head.

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