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What Am I?

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.72)
Submitted By:violingirl77


The more you make of me the more you leave behind. What am I?



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Posted by TheEarthling on Jan 07, 2006

Good one!

Posted by WJSMama on Jan 07, 2006

That was good. I was close, I said trail

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_ on Jan 07, 2006

Nice and simple

Posted by Javian on Jan 07, 2006


Posted by Mogmatt16 on Jan 07, 2006

Too simple, really.

Posted by dodger on Jan 07, 2006

good one....keep them coming

Posted by scm14 on Jan 07, 2006

I thought money.

Posted by sugarnspice4u7 on Jan 07, 2006

very fun!

Posted by mistressgia on Jan 08, 2006

I thought money too in a strange way...good one!!

Posted by jlvsbeks on Jan 08, 2006

i also thought money although i dont know why

Posted by Brainy_1 on Jan 08, 2006

That was good!

Posted by choptlivva on Jan 09, 2006

I came up with ANOTHER pretty good answer!! (IMO, at least)
>>>Carbon dioxide!!

Posted by choptlivva on Jan 09, 2006

OOPS.... second part of that didn't come thru....

I had written: Still.... I liked YOUR riddle violingirl!! Good work!

Posted by sexy_kiki4ya on Jan 15, 2006

i thought of a shadow, well anyways that was clever

Posted by puppylover1031 on Jan 15, 2006

easy but VERY fun

Posted by puttaholic on Jan 19, 2006

im glad i wasnt the only one who's first thaught was money

Posted by rkaaland on Feb 09, 2006


Posted by jessjspieks on Feb 11, 2006

First thought was money, then friends, then i don't know, so I had to check out the answer. Really liked this one

Posted by Karmen on Feb 11, 2006

I'd thought "memories"

Posted by on Feb 11, 2006

Can I say that the answer is clever, but there are way to many answers that could be right. My first instict was trash. The eco friendly side of me I guess.

Posted by on Feb 11, 2006

*instinct.... did I mention I can not type.. lol

Posted by zonahobo on Feb 11, 2006

I thought this was short and pretty good. A nice teaser snack for late in the evening. When I asked my daughter, her answer was "children". Funny! Lots of good alternatives in the comments .. I thought her answer was pretty good to. Is she thinking of knocking me off or something?

Posted by chidam11 on Feb 11, 2006

Very Good one!!

Posted by coachpisco on Feb 11, 2006

Good answer, but I thought it could be MONEY too

Posted by swithie on Feb 11, 2006

I thought it was litter!

Posted by bobbet on Feb 11, 2006

i also thought spondoolicks

Posted by churchlady on Feb 11, 2006

That was easy - got it right away. Thanks and keep them coming. A great way to start the day!!

Posted by OldChinaHand on Feb 11, 2006

Why, I don't know, but I was thinking of Lucy Recardo and bread dough at first, till I remembered foot prints in the snow. Cool One.

Posted by Ouchy1 on Feb 11, 2006

i thought CO2 at first too. then i remembered this riddle in "263 BrainBusters".

Still, VERY nice riddle violingirl!

Posted by thimblenoggin on Feb 11, 2006

What are Spondoolicks?

Posted by paul726 on Feb 11, 2006

I suppose just about everything we make, we end up leaving behind.

Posted by solarsistim321 on Feb 11, 2006


Posted by TSZOO310 on Feb 11, 2006


Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

i was surprised noone had heard this before . this riddle is very cute but in my experience this was the joke the smartalecky kid in your fourth grade class told .
maybe i shouldn't have let you guys in on that and just said that i got it right !!!!

Posted by jabdr on Feb 11, 2006

Great one! My first thought was photos..

Posted by thecelticgod on Feb 11, 2006

Agree with others that there are too many possible answers. Mine was "mess." BTW, "Spondulix" is an old term for money.

Posted by maka10 on Feb 11, 2006

Very cute!

Posted by BrenBeadSP on Feb 11, 2006

Short & sweet, thanks.

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006

that was silly.....

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

come on , BESA . be positive !!!

Posted by sequoia-mom on Feb 11, 2006

Okay, so I'm not the only one who thought memories. Good job!

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006

Ok then,

I'm absolutely positive that was silly

Posted by Saketh on Feb 11, 2006

I've heard this one before... I got it right away Anyway, it's a good one Anyway, its pretty funny too

Posted by Saketh on Feb 11, 2006

whoops, two anyways...

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

oh , BESA , i was hoping you would come back to check on me .
nobody pleases me like you.

Posted by vancon on Feb 11, 2006

Good one! Thanks for this teaser.

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006

oh Vigo, sweet Vigo, the feeling is mutual dearest....

Posted by ragethe3rd on Feb 11, 2006

I wouldnt have thought of that..

Posted by raff on Feb 11, 2006

1 sec i thoght of money the very next second i knew the answer was footprints. good one thanks

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

good . maybe we should start our own comic book series , BESA !

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006

And we shall call it the Teasing adventures of Vigo and the Huevos

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

that sounds fabulous !!!!! i was actually thinking the same thing

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006

We will seek out and verbally punish all those that submit lame teasers.

Prepare to feel the verbal wrath!!!!!

Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

i will fight , for the right for all people to have fun at all times.

Posted by kman613 on Feb 11, 2006

short, simple, and sweet - nice one

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006



Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

dastardly BESA ! i will thwart you with my egg beater

Posted by brain_dead on Feb 11, 2006

very nice

Posted by besamishuevos on Feb 11, 2006


if you only knew....

You may have won this time Vigo, but the huevos will be back, with a vengance.....

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 11, 2006

good guys win again ! watch yourself BESA, i will be looking for you

Posted by yesenia8rivera on Feb 11, 2006

Cool I didn't get it but it was fun all the same

Posted by violasrule on Feb 11, 2006

Also friends, the more friends you make the less time you have for old ones

Posted by on Feb 11, 2006

Very clever. I guess numbers or words.

Posted by benjam on Feb 11, 2006

k, gjpu4n1985JFSPOK! Sorry, the cat jumped on my keyboard!!!! Very easy riddle, but my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and friend all thought it was poo.
Keep 'em coming, violingirl.

P.S. BESA, break it up. Who cares about egg beaters, you fools? I have a chainsaw!!!

Posted by benjam on Feb 11, 2006

I mean VIRG95 too.

Posted by benjam on Feb 11, 2006

I mean Vigo95. I couldn't remember. I will thwart you with my boom-box!!!

Posted by wuzzupp on Feb 11, 2006

nice and simple just how i like it

Posted by hockeygirl on Feb 11, 2006

wow that was so simple yet so complicated just goes to show how much we can over think things!!!

Posted by marilyn1228 on Feb 11, 2006

I remember seeing a sign in a state park kind of simular. It was "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!" I thought it was cool..

Posted by bluehawk on Feb 11, 2006


Posted by bootscooter58 on Feb 12, 2006

Thanks for the great teaser -- I actually thought "skin cells" .. see how we over think things?? Thanks for the fun and keep them coming.

Posted by vlerma on Feb 12, 2006

Enjoyed most of the comments. I also thought it was freinds, but I love Footprints in the Sand so am very satisfied with this answer, although many do apply. Vigo and Besa, for once you guys made your challanges entertaining. Much nicer than the negative thoughts. But rather than an egg beater you need a hungry squirrel.

Posted by benjam on Feb 12, 2006

I agree with VLERMA. I laughed for 10 min after reading your argument!!! And, by the way, who cares about boom-boxes. I WILL THWART YOU WITH MY MIGHTY TRASH CAN!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS ONE, VIGO95!!! BESA, YOUR WRATH IS A PEANUT COMPARED WITH MY WAR ELEPHANT OF A TEMPER!!!

Posted by Vigo95 on Feb 13, 2006

you're on my list !

Posted by riddlelover on Mar 05, 2006


Posted by seanlandrews on Oct 23, 2006

Fun teaser. I thought of miles travelled.

Posted by freeflyingbutte on Feb 12, 2007

Great teaser! I was one of the many who thought it was money! I guess I'm still thinking of tax time and all the overtime I've been working lately!

Posted by marschie on Feb 12, 2007

I thought that anything we make we leave behind, so the answer could be "ANYTHING."

Posted by lmurray on Feb 12, 2007


Posted by anion on Feb 12, 2007

I didn't get it either. I was not thinking on the same line as anyone else. Oh well. Good job.

Posted by katjojo on Feb 12, 2007

I agree with many others...there are alot of "right" answers. I personally thought it was hair. The more you have the more there is to loose.

Posted by coachpisco on Feb 12, 2007

Short and sweet

Posted by builder on Feb 12, 2007

I am shocked and pleased, yea Imurray.
Fun but easy teaser

Posted by doehead on Feb 12, 2007


Posted by on Feb 12, 2007

I thought for sure I had it with, "PROGRESS"

Posted by bradon182001 on Feb 12, 2007

My first thought was money. Guess if you think about it, it could be a lot of answers,, including love Imurray.

Posted by Starberry on Feb 12, 2007

Cute Teaser!

Posted by puttumup on Feb 12, 2007

there was to many posiable answers to this riddle .so i say any answer was a correckt one...

Posted by puttumup on Feb 12, 2007

keep up the good work tho at least it was a better one then some of the others i have read

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Feb 12, 2007

Easy, but fun to think about! Hmm! Everyone seems to be coming up with other answers! Apparently, this teaser is getting them to use their heads! WTG Keep these a coming!

Posted by campfirecutie on Feb 12, 2007

The more money I make, the more I spend and leave behind! Oh well, good teaser anyway!!

Posted by phyllisa on Feb 12, 2007

I agree with Puttumup, and I am LOL over the other comments

Posted by Blondie116 on Feb 12, 2007

loved it!

Posted by hancar on Feb 12, 2007

My first guess was a hole - still sounds good to me

Posted by scallio on Feb 12, 2007

Loved it!

My guess was MEMORIES.

Posted by MagicFingers on Feb 12, 2007

Loved it, although my thought was HISTORY....

Posted by hradilv on Feb 12, 2007

Yeah, it was cute, but a little - no a lot - too vague.

Posted by cloughme on Feb 12, 2007

my first thought was "a mess"

no coffee yet...

good job!

Posted by FatHead on Feb 12, 2007

"Take only pictures.
Leave only footprints.
Kill nothing but time."

--Sign at a nature exhibit.

Posted by Thrashmeister on Feb 12, 2007

LOL... at first I thought it was something that had to do with the natural process of the human body... because of "leave behind"... and... well... I think you get my drift. >_>;

Posted by speedqueenkmw on Feb 12, 2007

That was my first thought, also, Thresh. Bodily function

Posted by speedqueenkmw on Feb 12, 2007

oops, Thrash, spelled it wrong

Posted by gallopingboo on Feb 12, 2007

great! my first thought was money

Posted by Qrystal on Feb 12, 2007

WHEW! I wasn't the only one thinking bodily functions. In particular, I was thinking, uh, .. ..... gas. But I knew that couldn't be right, so I kept thinking.

My "final answer" was TIME. You can make time for things, but you're always leaving more behind... *shrug* it worked for me. Many of the answers given would've worked, because it's just too open. Oh well, what can we do except count ourselves as right if we want, right?

I also love that someone quoted the nature sign; I always think about it when I'm out on a hike! Except I take not only pictures, but I always make sure to take a few pieces of garbage out of there, because there's always some...

Posted by notsosmart111 on Feb 12, 2007

I love riddles keep em coming!

Posted by Infinitoid on Feb 12, 2007

lol the thing is it could be a lotta stuff,
but i was so sure that the answer was "poop"

Posted by millie02 on Feb 12, 2007

I thought it was memories. Good idea, but the riddle needs to be longer so there aren't so many right answers...

Posted by OhEmGee on Feb 12, 2007

i though it was good and dont listen to the comment above this! it was awesome

Posted by sand_rat on Feb 12, 2007

Yep.......easy, but it was fun.

Posted by AbsurdHero on Feb 12, 2007

I found it awfully ambiguous. I was thinking "debt".

Posted by aaks94 on Feb 12, 2007

haha, i thought it was "friends"

Posted by Shikamaru on Feb 12, 2007

ya just a little to simple i think. but still good. i thought of something that i wont mention.

Posted by breathesunshine on Feb 12, 2007

I thought it was idea but my idea was the wrong thought!

Posted by masquerademe235 on Feb 12, 2007

Nice- short, sweet, and to the point, and not too hard.

Posted by clfourmo61 on Feb 13, 2007

I said footsteps. Close enough
for me.

Posted by Sand-Storm on Feb 13, 2007

hate to give my age away but I remember that one from kid years. still good tho.

Posted by Zag24 on Jan 13, 2009

A good start, but I think you need another stanza. I had thought "a mess," which fits as well as the original answer. Skimming the comments, I see a number of people had other, equally good guesses.

Maybe something like,

I can be wet or I can be dry.
I'm a hole or a mound (but not very high).

(mud or sand, or prints on the floor)

Posted by precious1026 on Feb 12, 2010

I thought the Teaser had its merits. It could be many things that one makes and leave behind.

I do like Mess. I don't like Mess, but its a thought, one I would leave behind. One makes many thoughts or create many thoughts and leave them behind.
It is a good teaser.

Posted by craniac on Feb 12, 2010

All I could think of was trash. Well, actually there were a lot more possibilities -- too many really. The riddle needed a qualifier to narrow the field down.

Posted by doehead on Feb 12, 2010

Heard this one too many times

Posted by kaaozz on Feb 12, 2010

Good one. Did no one else guess history ?

Posted by patiencewithaP on Feb 12, 2010


Posted by sunnybonghits on Feb 12, 2010

I think GAS would have been a better answer.

Posted by auntiesis on Feb 12, 2010

People came up with lots of alternative answers, and I didn't get any of them.

Posted by avonma on Feb 12, 2010

Icame up with "trash"
But, "footprints" fits the riddle better
It could have been a lot of things.
Oh, well. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Babe on Feb 12, 2013

Wow! That was way too easy! Took me about 30 seconds to figure that one out. I liked it though. It made me smile

Posted by rob77 on Feb 12, 2013

My answer was car emissions.

Posted by jaycr on Feb 12, 2013

Group me with the people that guesssed money.

Posted by HABS2933 on Feb 12, 2013

The editors have really tightened up the regulations for approving a teaser it would seem. I have had numerous teasers rejected in the last number of months based on "too many possible answers" that had no where near as many impossibles as this one does.

Posted by cutebug on Feb 12, 2013

This one was very weak and worn out.

Posted by eighsse on Feb 12, 2016

'Flatulence' seems like the most obvious answer here.

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