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An Old Riddle

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Submitted By:youdumbsavage


In medieval England, a king's jester was imprisoned (the king didn't like the jester's jokes). The jester was locked in a room at the top of a high tower. The room had only one tiny window. The jester found a piece of rope. It wasn't long enough to reach the ground. So, he divided it in half and tied the two halves together. This made the rope long enough and he escaped. How?

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Posted by danielzerman on Jun 18, 2006

i am glad to place the first comment and i think it is a good laugh

Posted by jazzmusician46 on Jun 18, 2006

Hmmmm...wasn't the answer obvious?

Posted by jls900 on Jun 18, 2006

well, i mean it was clever i guess, but pretty stale

Posted by kashby on Jun 18, 2006

NO DUH! talk about obvious!

Posted by dolphingurl12 on Jun 18, 2006

wouldn't the rope unravel?

Posted by singh101 on Jun 18, 2006

It was ok, i mean it was ofcourse OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by xdbtcp on Jun 19, 2006

Man - some harsh comments. Yeah, it was easy but still fun!

Posted by unklemyke on Jun 19, 2006

Certainly obvious - and much easier to say than do. You'd have to assume a rope of at least 4 strands, then you'd have to unlay the strands and re-lay two lengths of two-strand rope, which wouldn't be nearly as strong.VERY time-consuming, but then again, what else did the jester have to do with all that time on his hands. Medium decent teaser.

Posted by kogaiscute101 on Jun 19, 2006

talk about boring

Posted by jlvsbeks on Jun 20, 2006

No Duh!
oh well

Posted by stormtrooper on Jun 20, 2006

What did he cut it with??? A chainsaw?!

Posted by bhssoccer23 on Jun 21, 2006

I just saw that in the comics Sunday. It was one of those Slylock Fox things! I got it, but I probably would have gotten it anyway, but easy teasers make me happy!

Posted by smarty008 on Jun 21, 2006

i knew he tied it vertically but i thought the trick was thea the window was too small

Posted by lmurray on Jun 24, 2006


Posted by yongrenjie on Jun 25, 2006

some of the comments were quite harsh - actually although it was easy it was still fun. some people do like easy teasers.

Posted by TiffyTheGreat1 on Jun 25, 2006

obviously he didnt divide it horizontally beacuse that would make it the same length if not shorter..not a very good one

Posted by basketball101 on Jun 29, 2006

jeez harsh crowd

Posted by ava199345 on Jun 30, 2006

It was easy. I got it first try. I need an easy one every once and a while.

Posted by Punk_Rocker on Jul 01, 2006

Hm. I thought that's exactly what the teaser said. I mean, I know it didn't say that he divided it vertically, but I thought that it was just assumed.

Posted by scallio on Jul 08, 2006

Way too easy. I only thought of dividing the rope along the length. I thought the trick was to figure out what he tied the end to or how he attached it to the tower.

Shouldn't the teaser have asked more like this:
A man in a 47 foot high stone tower has nothing in the room other than a piece of average cotton rope that is 20 feet long. How does he escape?

Answer: divide the rope along it's length, tie the two pieces together, tie a small knot at the top end, wedge the knot between stones in the window sill and climb down.

Posted by doni on Jul 18, 2006

absolute stupid (der vodka)

Posted by jin10doh on May 17, 2007

This one was easy because there weren't any components other than a rope and a "tiny window". I'm suprise the jester's life was sparred in the first place.

i knew he tied it vertically but i thought the trick was thea the window was too small
(Hahaha! Yeah, I was wondering about the tiny window myself, but hey, if he can divide a rope length wise and repel from it without it breaking, that just goes to show how small of a man he really was.)

What did he cut it with??? A chainsaw?!
(LOL! Good question.)

Posted by xmadnetx on Nov 27, 2007

I'm sorry I just don't understand. How is dividing in half then put the halves together makes the rope longer, horizontally or vertically?

Okay assume the rope is 6in long. If you divide in half, you will have two 3in ropes. If you tied together these two ropes, you will come back with a 6in rope(technically it will be slightly shorter because you will have to make a knot)

What am I missing here? (PM me)

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