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In Cryptography teasers, a phrase or expressions has been encoded in some way (frequently by replacing letters with other letters). You need to figure out the encoding method and then decode the message to find the answer.


Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.26)
Submitted By:kayleeskitties


Oh no! While separating letters to form quotes for a class project, you inadvertently mixed all the letters up! It is now your job to figure out the code below! Hurry, your grade is depending on it!

1. Ni awtkr am- Tpy geni revira tsu jtni ala ined.

2. Ye nsi dt law- Nw on kre vee vahin am owy nana hter omes uomye kci me voli.

3. Namu rtsyr rah- Go date g not g nihs aw nid neir fat nawu oyfi.

4. Ar rebig oy- esl eere hwem osp ud nell i wuo ye rasecn ahc gni og eru oy ere hwwo nktn odu oyfi.

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