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Man or Woman

An optical illusion is a visually perceived image that is deceptive or misleading.


Fun:*** (3.07)
Submitted By:Jake


Depending on how you look at this image, you may see a portrait of a woman, or a silhouette of a man playing a saxophone.

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Posted by qqqq on Aug 02, 2006

Ah, yes I love this one.

Posted by kistin14 on Aug 02, 2006

Good One

Posted by Winner4600 on Aug 02, 2006

Something interesting...if you go to Jake's profile, the Optical Illusions teasers have difficulty ratings (but one in his Favs doesn't)...Also, he gets around 800+ votes on each!!! **Except for the newest ones, of course...

Posted by froggygg on Aug 02, 2006

This one I really like! Very interesting.

Posted by snowmonster on Aug 03, 2006

I love this one! Where do you find these!!!

Posted by lavender on Aug 03, 2006

COOL!! All your opptical illuisons are!!!

Posted by Brainy_1 on Aug 03, 2006

I love these! Thanks!!

Posted by RGW4 on Aug 04, 2006

I like the woman much better. Cool illusion

Posted by idiot_genius on Aug 05, 2006

The man has a big nose...

Posted by spuds on Aug 05, 2006

Yea these were on my wiki.....

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Aug 06, 2006

this one was a good one!

Posted by Mellew on Aug 08, 2006

i liked it but i have seen most or all of these illusions b4 and i was just wondering when we could submit our own b/c i know of some really cool ones.

Posted by kcheer2493 on Aug 09, 2006

It took me like forever to see the woman!

Posted by Kaylum on Aug 10, 2006

I first saw the man then the woman and couldn't just focus on one! hey, to everyone that sees this comment from now on, who did YOU first see? Man or Woman?

Posted by Psychic_Master on Aug 11, 2006

Awesome! This one is cool!

Posted by darkwarrior on Aug 12, 2006

i saw the man 1st, it took me a while to spot the women

Posted by wonderkamote on Aug 18, 2006


Posted by on Aug 19, 2006

man walking with diet cola to look like a woman and a long mullet to have long black hair pretty much a man tryng to be a woman

Posted by Shriya on Aug 23, 2006

The woman is still invisible to me ,though.

Posted by kaykay2495 on Aug 23, 2006

well i would just hope tat that wouldn't happen in real life, or someone would have some serious probelmos

Posted by markita1 on Aug 23, 2006

omg i absolutely love optical illusions and this one i really loved awesomw

Posted by fleur_delacour_ on Aug 24, 2006

i only saw the woman..or not....

Posted by Doctor_Lobe on Aug 30, 2006


Posted by Jimbo on Sep 01, 2006

How about: a man kissing a woman playing a saxaphone through her nose?

Posted by Jimbo on Sep 01, 2006

oops! Saxophone??

Posted by danielzerman on Sep 07, 2006

i can't see the woman

Posted by xcharlie on Sep 10, 2006

I liked this one... except I've seen it a MILLION times.

Posted by BrownEyes on Sep 12, 2006

Pretty kewl. I saw the woman first cause of the eyes. Saw the man cause of the nose.

Posted by Shawnheyhey123 on Sep 17, 2006

Posted by captainshortrox on Sep 28, 2006

I can't see the woman, I just see the guy.

Posted by optical_whacko on Oct 05, 2006

haha! at first i saw the man! until i saw a weird looking picture of a women! I was amazed

Posted by 4kai2lyn6 on Oct 14, 2006

Okay, irish, we get the point... I thought it was okay. Anyway... I have a question... It's probably kinda stupid and nit- picky, but maybe someone could help me out... I see both images, but when you focus on the man with the sax, what's the purpose of the woman's other eye, (the one that's disjointed from the man). I guess what I'm asking is, don't all the pieces of one part of the illusion have to serve a purpose with the second part of the illusion? (I'm not trying to put this one down, I'm genuinely asking) Sorry again if this's just stupid...

Posted by i_luv_2_read on Oct 19, 2006

okaaaaay....irish41, i'm not sure what your point is.....

cool illusion....i saw the man first but i like the woman better

Posted by tmking on Oct 29, 2006

i think the real question is the man smoking a pip or playing sax

Posted by siobhan on Oct 29, 2006

this is great...I saw the woman first and it took me awhile to find the man xD

Posted by derek_mikayla on Nov 22, 2006

I can't find woman

Posted by senther7 on Nov 30, 2006


it took me forever to get the woman.....

Posted by girliepie on Dec 11, 2006

ha ha, luv it.

Posted by becky18567 on Dec 16, 2006

i see a chicken. lol

Posted by Coolfreeze on Dec 22, 2006

Maybe the woman's other eye is a tomato sailing straight towards the guy

Cool illusion, I've actually never seen that one.

Posted by bluefever101 on Dec 25, 2006

Wow! I thought I saw every optic illiosion in the book! Guess not!

Posted by lavender on Jan 03, 2007

Wow! Amazing! I saw both of them right off, I must be special!!

Posted by I_Write_Books on Jan 03, 2007

I really like this's a new one for me.

Posted by coolcow35 on Jan 04, 2007

Keep them coming. There always awesome.

Posted by Infinitoid on Jan 14, 2007

the man looks pretty tight.
nice one

Posted by musicfreak on Jan 20, 2007

OMG Irish41!!! If you don't like them so much, cool for you. Don't waste are time. I was suprised I saw this one so fast!! I saw the woman first.

Posted by Infinitoid on Jan 26, 2007

haha wait i just realized
the right eye of the woman isnt anything to the man
unless hes smoking and playing the saxamaphone at the same time

Posted by starnz on Feb 04, 2007

Cool! I saw the woman first, then the man playing the sax. Great picture!

Posted by dee10ice on Mar 07, 2007

If you look close you also will see a cartoon image with a large mouth pointed nose and large eye with long neck so there are three not two. How about that!

Posted by Quizme on Mar 11, 2007

hint:look at it upside down

Posted by deadsnakebiting on Mar 25, 2007

At 1st, all I could C was the man. After, all I could C was the woman (which includes man after all)!

Posted by lakers4life on Mar 28, 2007


Posted by squishysqueak on Mar 30, 2007

nice one i thought i had seen them all!

keep them coming!

Posted by cooltigerr1 on Mar 31, 2007

at first i was like wut? theres no woman i cant find it! haha my sister came in and shes like i see it cant u?? so i looked away then back and i saw it right away! haha nice...

Posted by ICUB42 on Mar 31, 2007

Well I saw the man first and it didn't take long to see the woman. But that's all i can see in it. It just stopped all of my imagination.

Posted by alicexcore on Apr 03, 2007

This was super cool!
Nice job.

Posted by earnestlizard on Apr 11, 2007

I see the man first then it switches to the woman. I do prefer the woman!

Posted by Keiko on Apr 26, 2007


Posted by bigsis024 on Apr 27, 2007

awesome!!! And there are not 2 different illusions in this but 4!!!

The first one i saw was a picture of a woman with a very crazy hairstyle.
Then i saw the man playing the sax.
Then after that i looked at it a while longer and saw and another woman and 1 of her eyes is not connected to shape.
And if you look at it upside down u see a chicken!!!!! lol

So there is a man playing a sax, two woman, and a chicken all in 1 optical illusion!!!

This is by far the best optical illusion i've ever seen, even if i've seen it millions of times!!!

Posted by MikeMan1216 on Apr 30, 2007

All I see is the man playing the sax. :?

Posted by on May 08, 2007

If yu squint yur eyes yu cn c the woman n thn wen yu no its ther yu cn c both @ 1ns its kinda weird

Posted by amn22492 on May 18, 2007

i've seen that one before and it is quite good. its cool how you can see several images in a single illusion

Posted by katiekinnss1 on May 22, 2007

haha i can see both the man is playing and instrament and then there is a womans face

Posted by msgirl on May 27, 2007

oh man i seen a women

Posted by sports_freak on May 29, 2007

oh the man is holding a horn or somthing but i LOVED it

Posted by jackieiscrazzie on May 30, 2007

It reallly cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lilrena4ever on May 31, 2007

lol....i really dont know...they could be both!=(

Posted by gamer6 on Jun 09, 2007

this is a good one

Posted by auntiesis on Jun 12, 2007

Jake, you the man ! This is soooooo coooool. I am fascinated with optical illusions, and you are awesome for finding so many.

Posted by Landi on Jun 16, 2007

Its ok

Posted by FutureMD on Jun 18, 2007

For some reason, I just cannot get enough of this illusion! I personally saw the woman first, but it was fairly simple (in my case) to see the both.

Posted by dshebo on Jun 19, 2007

I saw the woman first. I thought the same thing about the woman's left eye "floating" in front of the man, but if you think of him using a huge pipe instead of a sax, then the "floating eye" could be smoke rising from the pipe. That's all I could think of anyway.

Posted by on Jun 26, 2007

i c both!

Posted by smartie_pants on Jun 28, 2007

it took me like.. 10 minutes to see the woman.

Posted by Mac45 on Jun 30, 2007

Its really good

Posted by Fhempen on Jul 03, 2007

i love this one

Posted by Fhempen on Jul 03, 2007

lol smartie pants

im afraid for you

Posted by on Jul 03, 2007

What a strange looking man. I could only see the woman at frist, but i dont blame me. no offence, but the man looks...strange

Posted by SoccaBoy10 on Jul 06, 2007

Its a woman cause the woman right eye is has nothing to do with the man and in every picture every part is suppose to do with something and that doesn't

Posted by turtle on Jul 10, 2007

Good one

Posted by turtle on Jul 10, 2007

I liked it

Posted by turtle on Jul 10, 2007

I saw both

Posted by Jake on Jul 13, 2007

Posted by Jake on Jul 13, 2007

Posted by spinnercat on Jul 20, 2007

I have a hard time seeing the woman.

Posted by on Jul 22, 2007

I see a sad monster with no arms and a weird hairdo.

Posted by fairydust on Jul 27, 2007

my brother thinks it looks like a duck with a big foot when you look at it upsidedown. brothers....!

Posted by jabdr on Jul 31, 2007

I loved this one. You either see the black image first, or the white one. Thanks

Posted by Xosyaraiha on Aug 04, 2007

I've seen all the optical illusions there are. they kinda bore me now. i saw em all in science class. but i do like the one of the american flag. that one's pretty cool.

Posted by volleyballchik on Aug 08, 2007

FREAKY! i loved it!!!

Posted by Rerepete on Aug 11, 2007

I saw the woman first. The image of the man playing the sax does not explain her other eye.

Posted by sdp93 on Aug 13, 2007

I don't see the woman.

Posted by Paranoia_Agent on Aug 13, 2007

That was most excellent, the man on a sax was quite hard to figure until you told me it was there. Good job on downloading this one!

Posted by javlad27 on Aug 14, 2007


Posted by luckypuppy on Aug 15, 2007

never seen this before, I like the cartoony guy!

Posted by Brock on Aug 22, 2007

Its a Man

Posted by Brock on Aug 22, 2007

Its a Man

Posted by Brock on Aug 22, 2007

Its a Man

Posted by jollex on Aug 27, 2007

This is really cool

Posted by Alyssawu on Sep 01, 2007

it took me about five seconds to understand it.

Posted by Lillie on Sep 04, 2007

Too easy. But it is fun none the less when you can see both at once.

Posted by luckylefty on Sep 09, 2007

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my vision is 22 50 and i don't have my contacts in, but i can't see the woman.

Posted by MellowWillow on Sep 14, 2007

I can see the man, but I can't see the woman, however.

Posted by crystal2040379 on Sep 28, 2007

I could see both... deciding which one I wanted to see. First time I saw it I saw the woman . Nice

Posted by blacknix_21 on Oct 23, 2007

very very cool!!!!

Posted by vlerma on Oct 26, 2007

Good one Jake. And I got it figured out for the rest of you. Pretty woman with old fashion hair do. Cartoonish man playing a sax and that extra "eye" is the musical note that he is playing. Uhhh! Well it's just as good an idea as the rest of you had.

Posted by al111 on Oct 27, 2007

I saw the man first it took me like 3 minutes just to find the women.
Love this optical illusion, keep them coming.

Posted by dudebomb93 on Oct 29, 2007


Posted by carrtoondragon on Nov 06, 2007

couldn't find the woman at first,finally found her

Posted by MzPink85 on Nov 07, 2007

I saw the woman first... Love optical illusions!

Posted by Miss-Jii-Ya on Nov 10, 2007

I saw the woman first xD

Posted by maybe_a_sphinx on Nov 10, 2007 or woman...both?

Posted by IlikeWAFFLES on Nov 26, 2007

I Think thtas one ugly women

Posted by likeproperty on Dec 01, 2007

If I could marry an optical illusion, I'd marry this one.

Posted by dingdong128 on Dec 04, 2007

Very cool! I was able to see both and that dousent usualy happen. I like that one. A++ from me!

Posted by KeepHoldingOn on Dec 05, 2007

That was cool. I saw both. Yay.

Posted by beriesNcreamx28 on Dec 19, 2007


Posted by beriesNcreamx28 on Dec 19, 2007

that guys got a big nose lol

Posted by kashby on Dec 30, 2007

good one, i saw the guy with playing the saxophone

Posted by elthamlass on Jan 08, 2008

OK, but the man playing the sax doesn't totally work, because the second eye of the woman doesn't come into it and appears as a black smear totally aside from the silhouette.

Posted by SAZZA_7 on Jan 11, 2008

its pretty kool though i have seen it a billion times b4!!

Posted by SAZZA_7 on Jan 19, 2008

i love it thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Holo on Jan 21, 2008

All I see is a triceratops and an ornithoraptor (or whatever its called)

Posted by Swirvia on Feb 03, 2008

nice. i found both.

Posted by xlrfreak on Feb 04, 2008


Posted by labgeek on Feb 04, 2008

I see Woody Allen.

Posted by Matttoy on Feb 13, 2008

I saw it right away but still, Great Optical Illusion!

Posted by The_Big_Cheese on Feb 22, 2008


Posted by on Feb 28, 2008

Both. Mostly Man.

Posted by -SwEeTiE_PiE- on Mar 15, 2008

I saw both of them really easily...
good one!

Posted by Lita_Lightheart on Mar 19, 2008

i liked that 1!

Posted by UptheHill on Mar 19, 2008


Posted by wettwilly10 on Apr 08, 2008

My sister used this image in an art project of hers once, so I really have no choice but to like it.

Posted by pinky9095 on Apr 11, 2008

The man has VERY LARGE NOSE!

Posted by brain23 on May 04, 2008

I saw the man first...took me a LONG time to see the woman...and now I have to look at a different angle to see the man!

Posted by sarabjit on May 08, 2008


Posted by Georgi on May 24, 2008

Lol. I saw the woman first I

Posted by UFC- on Jun 02, 2008

I have a harder time seeing the man, at first anyway than I did the woman. the woman jumps right out IMHO. good fun, thanks Jake! Four or five more days and I get a subscription!!! WHHOOPPEE!! Lot of lawns I mowed for this, so I hope its as fun as Tick says....

Posted by on Jun 05, 2008

Oldie, but a goodie...

My teacher showed this one to us in class. All the girls saw a woman, all the guys saw a saxophone player. Crazy, eh?

Posted by SweetAshleyGirl on Jun 07, 2008


Posted by SweetAshleyGirl on Jun 07, 2008

love it! love it! LOVE IT!

Posted by DrPepper96 on Jun 12, 2008

Very Cool

Posted by thegreathokage on Jun 18, 2008

I like this one... took me like half an hour to find the woman though!

Posted by tick on Jul 19, 2008

I see both, obviously the woman jumps out first for me however, the sax is more cartoonish but the womans eye takes away the "creditability" for the man playin' the sax... IMO of course. Enjoyed Jake, thx...

Posted by tonyjo311 on Aug 01, 2008

I love loking at that picture,I do it over and over again!

Posted by kiwikitty1995 on Aug 19, 2008

i ddnt c either frst @ frst i saw a walrus. ik that sounds wierd bt its tru.

Posted by Loris21 on Nov 15, 2008

Nice one. I saw the man first, but hav yet to figure out what the black spot from the woman's eye is supposed to be for the man. Musical note perhaps?

Posted by LouiseF on Nov 17, 2008

great teaser it took me ages to find the woman

Posted by precious1026 on Dec 29, 2008

more women than man, but then, more man than women, yet, I see a man smoking a pipe ,,,, or playing a trumpet. Good work

Posted by melzerh on Jan 10, 2009

It like it the guy is playing an alto saxophone, one of my favorite instruments.

Posted by deltabelle on Jan 22, 2009

I saw the woman right away. Took me forever to see the man!

Posted by spoons on Jan 29, 2009

i cant see the man

Posted by ReiMeion on Feb 23, 2009

I always see a woman

Posted by mack13579 on Mar 22, 2009

I can't see the man with a sax. All I see is the woman.

Posted by HiggieBaby on Mar 27, 2009

I actually saw both of them at the exact same time! That's the first time for this type of illusion. I always see one first, and usually the other within seconds. I've never seen this one before, either.

Posted by reggie57 on Mar 31, 2009

too funny!
I seen the man first, then took a few minutes to spot the lady, but she's there!!!

Posted by EienNiKirei on Apr 08, 2009

I saw the woman first. ^_^

Posted by ghosty2703 on Apr 13, 2009

hey guys. that right eye is definitely part of the man picture, he sneezed. that's all.

Posted by mcFuzzy on Apr 29, 2009

This is one of the coolest optical illusion I've ever seen

Posted by mir77 on May 16, 2009

the man hard to see, the woman FIRST to see so, is it a mans HEAD or a dude playing the saxaphone? i only see man head and woman head, there is not a man with saxaphone.

Posted by on May 30, 2009

i saw th man first it took me 4 ever!!!! 2 find the woman

Posted by brain23 on Jun 16, 2009

First I saw the man. Then I connected the parts to get the woman and it's hard to focus on the man.

Posted by Ammer on Jul 13, 2009

Nice one!

Posted by TZCastor on Aug 27, 2009

the other women's eye can be a alien mush spawn that shall mutate every human being and once its mutated, it will gorw into a giant 80 foot human and start eating bicycles. or u know it could a random thing

Posted by chemical_crayon on Oct 19, 2009

lol my parents are still trying to figure it out they wont belive (

Posted by Gerrard10 on Nov 03, 2009

There could be three here.

Posted by peace on Nov 19, 2009

It's a man and a woman

Posted by Cocoacrazy on Dec 30, 2009

Uhg!! can't see the woman!!! I need a hint! Help me!!

Posted by Ginny_Potter on Jan 08, 2010

I cant see the man!!!
Can someone help me?
I can see the woman - her eyes and the black part is her hair

Posted by Ginny_Potter on Jan 10, 2010

OH I see him now!

Posted by Stack1607 on Jan 11, 2010

I love this one, it's really nice . You have to take your face a little away from the screen to see the woman or just not focus deeply on the picture.

Posted by sashomarine on Jan 16, 2010

It''s a man and woman.

Posted by potteris2kool on Feb 12, 2010

This is so cool! I saw the woman first. It was really cool though.

Posted by on Apr 15, 2010

I like it. it reminds me of Rorschah test

Posted by gathena on May 27, 2010

oh! wow that is re4ally awesome! I saw both and it looks really cool! You can ether see a woman first(like me) or you can see the man first. I would bet that more people would see a woman first than see a man first!

Posted by gooberbaby1 on Jun 09, 2010

all I see is a shadow on each face but how can you tell what you're looking at?

Posted by Monique114 on Jun 10, 2010

I could see the man, but not the woman till I saw somebody's 'look at it upside-down' hint. Hehe, btw, it is easier to do the upside down trick if you push 'CTRL ATL (down arrow key)' assuming you use the windows opperating system. To get the image back to normal do the same combo, but with the up arrow key instead of the down.

Posted by llamas3000 on Jul 17, 2010

I couldn't see the man OR the woman......

Posted by Coolnine9 on Aug 08, 2010


Posted by DianaBerry on Nov 21, 2010

Its really confusing cause to me, the image changed back and forth evey second...but that's what illusions are for! It was a great one!

Posted by hihi9 on Dec 05, 2010

I can see both!!!! finally

Posted by TheDecipher on Jan 24, 2011

well now i cant see either lol

Posted by Lukelivealiie on Feb 13, 2011

This is Great.

I look at this and see a beautiful women searching for greatness,

Or a man playing life.

Posted by Illusionist on Feb 14, 2011

I saw the first, but cannot identify the woman. I will have to look harder.

Posted by on Jul 08, 2011

i can see both a man paly a flute and an image of a woman. nice!

Posted by on Aug 23, 2011

asm...i can see both of thm

Posted by dawnrising on Sep 30, 2011

Loved this illusion! Oh yeah

Posted by dawnrising on Sep 30, 2011

Loved this illusion! Oh yeah

Posted by Benjiboo on Nov 04, 2011

pellew same!

Posted by muse on Nov 20, 2011

I love these!!!!

Posted by luluw5 on Dec 07, 2011

i saw them first. The girl is pretty, i wish i could look like her

Posted by Tife4real on Mar 08, 2012

It's a man

Posted by Tife4real on Mar 08, 2012

It's a man

Posted by moomoomonkeybut on Jun 13, 2012


Posted by KillerQueen on Aug 11, 2012

First saw the man, then half a second later saw the woman.

Posted by MeAuKoCat on Sep 27, 2012

This ones a classic

Posted by Obilio on Dec 11, 2012

Took a few seconds to see the woman, but I'd call that the main one. as otherwise the blotch on the right isn't part of the pic. Cool

Posted by horselover4803 on Jan 03, 2013

i saw a chicken and the chick and the boy

Posted by catmom on Oct 16, 2013

I first saw the woman, then after a few seconds I saw the SAX, then I saw the man.

Posted by Rileyd on Jan 27, 2014

YES I'M MAKING IT 200 COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SmoothSuave on Mar 01, 2014

I saw the womans face first then the man.

Posted by Ponyheart4 on May 31, 2014

Infinitoid, he could have been outside when it was cold and he just took a breath and the little puff was the fog.

Posted by ismartguy on Sep 25, 2014

Lel sweg :p

Posted by FreePuzzles on Jan 19, 2015

A man playing a saxophone and a woman's face.

Posted by JeremyRedhead on Feb 11, 2015

Yes, a man with a VERY large nose.

Posted by HPISTHEBEST on Mar 01, 2015

I only see a man!

Posted by Brain on Jan 18, 2016

It's both

Posted by Pumkin on Oct 21, 2016

I say both man and woman.

Posted by braingenius on Nov 09, 2016

I see a man playing a saxophone... who else sees a man?

Posted by catkitty on Mar 06, 2017

I see the woman at first, but I can switch back and forth for what I see.😋😋😋

Posted by Hans5710 on Mar 11, 2017

OMG 😲it's taking me forever to spot the woman... but I love this one jake!!!

Posted by Hans5710 on Mar 11, 2017

OMG 😲it's taking me forever to spot the woman... but I love this one jake!!!

Posted by Jennagirl711 on Sep 01, 2017

its a dude playing saxaphone

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