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A Glass of Jameson Anyone?

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Two professors were sitting in front of an open fire at the local university's elite Professor's Club. They were chatting about some of their new classes. During the course of their conversation, one of the professors asked the other if he would like to sample some fine Irish Whiskey while they talked.

"Absolutely! That would be splendid!"

"Waiter! Bring me a bottle of your finest Irish Whiskey please", called the Professor.

"Certainly sir", replied the waiter.

A few minutes later, the waiter returned and said, "Here you go sir. This bottle of 'Jameson' is one of Ireland's best single malt grain whiskeys. I hope you both enjoy it!"

"Thank you waiter. I'm sure we will. Can you let me look at the bottle please before you go?"

The waiter passed the bottle to the Professor. The label read:

"Jameson Genuine Irish Single Malt Grain Whisky".

Without opening the lid of the bottle or tasting, smelling or examining its contents, the Professor became very angry with the waiter saying, "This is NOT genuine Irish whiskey. It is a fraud and absolute rubbish! Take it back!"

By simply reading the label, and without smelling, examining or tasting the fluid first, how did the Professor know that the contents of the bottle was not Irish whiskey?

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