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Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


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Detective Larson gazed around the cluttered dingy apartment. The aging famous columnist Max Worthington had been fatally stabbed. His agent, Roger, had called the police when Max failed to submit his column to the newspaper.

Max's body was draped over his manual typewriter. The detective glanced at the paper in the typewriter. It appeared to be the writer's column. The victim's head rested on the keyboard and had apparently hit random keys causing the last line of the article to be followed by "49t34 w5qgg3e j3". The detective was surprised to see that Max had used a typewriter rather than a computer. Roger, Max's agent, explained that Max found it therapeutic to pound the keys on his typewriter, and despised computers.

Out of a list of acquaintances provided by Max's agent, the detective questioned the following people.

Marisa had been separated from Max for the last year and a half. Although initially the split had been amicable, lately things had gotten nasty about the latest division of their assets. Max was willing to give Marisa the mansion and a generous lump sum payment, but wanted to draw the line at the excessive alimony being demanded by Marisa's lawyer. Marisa was living in the mansion and had a generous pre-alimony settlement and an extremely attractive new boyfriend.

Jillian was Max's current girlfriend. She definitely was a looker and by all appearances was extremely high maintenance. She was also the spring in this May/December romance. Although crying, she was devastatingly attractive in her designer dress. She had a Gucci bag, wore emerald and diamond jewelry and on her wrist a new Rolex. The detective suspected her grief was for the loss of her "gravy train" and not for the deceased.

Max's brother, Gerald, had been dating Marisa when Max had stolen her away. Gerald still held a grudge and blatantly told the detective that "he was glad his brother was dead and good riddance". He hinted that he might try to win Marisa back, now that his brother was dead.

After a brief investigation an arrest was made. Who did the detective arrest?

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