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Reunion '98

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Submitted By:dreamlvr1432


It's reunion time for the class of 1998, and it's your job to gather information on all of your former classmates for the reunion directory. You have finally organized all the information, but as you are handing it to the publisher's messenger, he clumsily drops a few pages into the shredder! You manage to rewrite most of those pages, but you realize you are missing some information on five of your classmates (3 men and 2 women). You need to match each person with his/her spouse, last name, occupation, and the city in which he/she lives. All you have to work with is what you recall from your notes, and your memories of your classmates from school days.

CLASSMATES: Casey, Dana, Jordan, Drew, Kelsey
SPOUSES: (women) Anna, Karen, Jane, (men) Matthew, David
LAST NAMES: Campos, Jones, Kaufmann, Smith, Thompson
OCCUPATIONS: lawyer, social worker, disk jockey, pediatrician, news anchor
CITIES: Lawton, Helena, Dayton, Madison, Springfield

1) The male classmates are the one from Madison, the one from Helena, and the lawyer.

2) The five classmates are Casey, the man that married Jane (who is not from Helena), the woman surnamed Thompson, the disk jockey, and the woman who lived in Lawton.

3) You recall that only two classmates (1 man and 1 woman) married people with the same first initial as their own. They both have jobs in the media industry.

4) You can also recall that nobody (including spouses) has a last name with the same initial as their first name.

5) The monogram on Karen's towels is the same forward as backward. Her last name is not Campos.

6) David's wife became the anchor for Lawton's 6 o'clock news. Her best friend became a pediatrician in Dayton.

7) Mr. and Mrs. Kaufmann's first initials are the same as the abbreviation of Mr. Jones' occupation.

8) In high school, Dana was always very compassionate and eager to help anyone in need. It is no surprise that he became a social worker (not in Dayton).

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