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Probability puzzles require you to weigh all the possibilities and pick the most likely outcome.


Fun:*** (2.73)
Difficulty:*** (2.22)
Submitted By:fro92


Mike and James are arguing over who gets the last cookie in the jar, so their dad decides to create a game to settle their dispute. First, Mike flips a coin twice, and each time James calls heads or tails in the air. If James gets both calls right, he gets the last cookie. If not, Mike picks a number between one and six and then rolls a die. If he gets the number right, he gets the last cookie. If not, James picks two numbers between one and five, then spins a spinner with numbers one through five on it. If the spinner lands on one of James' two numbers, he gets the last cookie. If not, Mike does.

Who is more likely to win the last cookie, Mike or James? And what is the probability that person wins it?

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