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How Far can a Dog Run

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


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Submitted By:Sydgal47


How far can a dog run into the woods?

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Posted by lizard450 on May 28, 2002

not true... the dog can go into the forest and run as far as he wants to into the forest even until he is 5 feet fromt he other edge or closer... because it isn't running out of the forest unless he actually runs out of the forest

Posted by mistress on Jul 10, 2002

i have to agree,he can run until he is really out of the woods.

Posted by Pop_Qla on Apr 16, 2005

No. The teaser is right - if you are half way into a forest, then you are also half way out, so if you keep running, you will be running out. Great teaser! I liked it!

Posted by boodler on Nov 25, 2005

I totally agree with Pop; it's like "is your drink half full or half empty?"

Posted by stephiesd on Dec 19, 2005

this is ssssssssooooooooooo old.

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Jan 29, 2006

This was a great teaser!!!!!

Posted by MadDog72 on Mar 12, 2006

That's like asking "How far do you have to run to win a race? The whole way!"

Posted by perrygf on Jun 21, 2006

I agree with the teaser. After halfway, you are heading out. Great teaser!

Posted by 2rubystar2 on Oct 25, 2006

How is it that SPUTNIK2 has commented on like every teaser there is on this website? This person has way too much time on their hands. I will paste this comment into every comment board where I see SPUTNIK2 has commented. Why am I doing this, you ask? Because I feel like it. Deal with it.

Posted by 2rubystar2 on Oct 25, 2006

Um I'm confuzzled!

Posted by Trickster1992 on Jan 20, 2007

Heh. This is almost a trick question. Popolate chi non potrebbe ottenerlo è solo bizzarro.
Good teaser, keep it up.

Posted by dalfamnest on Jul 27, 2010

No - he can run ALL the way into the woods!!! Then he runs all the way out (if he wants to!!)

If he runs half way into the woods, he has only run a quarter of the way through the woods.

This is really old teaser that I've always debated. It's still fun, though - but I still think I'm right...

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