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Submitted By:dalfamnest


It was going to be another really hot day, but Ted needed a new pair of cool sunnies* before he could hit the surf. He needed another $52 to buy the ones he wanted.

Ted decided to sell home-made smoothies at his gate: $2 each, or three for $4. He had the $52 after selling 32 smoothies, stopped work and headed off to the beach.

How many smoothies had been sold at the $2 price?

* sunnies = sunglasses in New Zealand & Australia

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Posted by annie9698 on Oct 14, 2012

what if he sold 20 @ $2 =$ 40
and 9 @ 3 for 4 = $12

sold 22 @ $2 = $44
and 6 @ 3 for 4 = $8

I haven't done all the math but there may be other solutions too.

Posted by Mad-Ade on Oct 25, 2012

he could have sold 16 at $3 = $48 and two at $2 = $4 with adds up to the $52 needed. There are numerous answers to this teaser.

Posted by dalfamnest on Nov 01, 2012

Hey guys - read the Teaser properly! If you ignore one important detail, yes, there's lots of solutions! BUT ... there's one correct solution only. Have another look.

Posted by Eng_Masoud on Jul 07, 2013

nice 1 dude

Posted by Jimbo on Dec 07, 2014

The teaser clearly says that he sold 32 smoothies. One solution!

Posted by XminiX on Jun 11, 2015

I did it in a slightly more complex and an algebraic way.

Let x be the number of smoothies sold which cost $2 each and let y be the number of smoothies sold from the deal of buying 3 for $4.

This means 2x+(4y/3)=52
x+y also= 32 (number of smoothies sold)

If you sold them simultaneously, you will get x=14

Posted by Babe on Apr 17, 2016

I got the same answer as Annie and thought I was correct. I never was very good at math though, but it was fun trying to figure it out.

Posted by catmom on Apr 17, 2016

Omg do you have any idea how many years ago I took Algebra? (the x & y stuff that was algebra wasn't it) I saved myself a headache and just looked at the answer.

Posted by GusG on Apr 17, 2016

Thanks, XminiX!

Posted by FatHead on Apr 17, 2016

Jimbo, he asked how many had been sold at $2 each, not how many had been sold.

Posted by fishmed on Apr 17, 2016

nice. I did not figure it out, but saw how it worked after the fact. Good one.

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