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Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Fun:*** (2.37)
Difficulty:** (2.03)
Submitted By:RomanG417


A well-respected franchise of a national association absolutely refuses to place the number thirteen on any of their merchandise. Although they use nearly every other two-digit number, something about that particular number prevents them from using it. They are not superstitious in the least. In fact, they have a truly honorable reason for not using the number thirteen.

What is that reason?

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Posted by spikethru4 on Dec 04, 2012

Wouldn't they still have merchandise relating to the revered player?

Posted by donaldtrumpet on Dec 12, 2012

This is a well made teaser, so good job, but I found it boring. I really didn't care what the answer was. BUT it is a good teaser

Posted by donaldtrumpet on Dec 12, 2012

wrong face, I meant to do this one

Posted by Quocalimar on Jan 11, 2013

A good sports teaser. I guessed it because you said franchise also i agree with the 1st person, they might still sell jersey copies of lucky number 13.

Posted by Mj31 on Jun 28, 2013

Yay! I got it! i think that it was good because if the companies only make jerseys (not other merchandise, just the jerseys for the players) than this would work. nice teaser!

Posted by eighsse on Jul 28, 2013

I was thinking an elevator manufacturer. The elevator manufacturer itself need not be superstitious to avoid using the number 13, as buildings themselves are already built without a "13th" floor because of superstition. But an elevator manufacturer wouldn't be a "franchise of a national association," I guess.

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