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Operation: Astronomy-Ectomy

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:*** (2.68)
Difficulty:*** (2.89)
Submitted By:cnmne


Six words have had their astronomical terms removed. The astronomical terms have been placed into Group A. The remaining letters of each word have been placed into Group B. Your task is to reconstitute the words by merging each astronomical term with the proper set of letters. Other than merging the two groups together, there is no rearranging of the letters. Example: sand + pne = spanned (SpANneD).

Group A: comet, moon, nova, orbit, star, sun
Group B: egosu, islble, ojor, onty, sic, vee

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Posted by Smithy on Jan 14, 2013


Posted by spikethru4 on Jan 15, 2013

Challenging but not insolvable. Good teaser!

Posted by Canadiankid456 on Jan 16, 2013

I was stumped But when I got the answer it all made sence.

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