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Submitted By:HABS2933


Willy and Wally are twins. Willy will celebrate his fifth birthday tomorrow. Wally will have to wait until next year to turn five. What is today's date?

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Posted by dcf525 on Apr 16, 2013


Posted by wolfpackw2 on Apr 16, 2013

It could also be Dec. 31st, and they were BOTH born on Jan 1st. Willy will celebrate his fifth birthday tomorrow (Jan 1). Wally will have to wait until next year to turn five (the next day - Jan 1 - is ALSO the next year).

Posted by BrainyRox on Apr 20, 2013

HeY people!! Awesome teaser. i just wanna know the first teaser submitted to braingle? anyone, please??

Posted by HABS2933 on Apr 20, 2013

Thanks BrainyRox

Posted by Eng_Masoud on Jul 07, 2013

puff , lol

Posted by kanish671 on Oct 12, 2013

Agree with Wolfpack. It could be 31st Dec. No one said anything about the twins being born on different days.

Posted by HABS2933 on Oct 15, 2013

Of course I didn't say they were born on different days. That would give it away. IT was after all a "trick" teaser.

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