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Model Modification

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Have you ever been stuck in traffic, staring at the vehicle ahead of you?
Did you notice the make and model? Now you can use that to your advantage.

Each clue below takes the model name of a vehicle and modifies it to form a normal English word.
Any letters in quotes must be added to the model name (either before, after, or inside).
See how many you can figure out.

Example: Don't be greedy! Inserting "PERABU" into this Plymouth model is just too much.
Answer: SU-PERABU-NDANCE, a modified Plymouth SUNDANCE. A "superabundance" is an excessive amount.

1. This Chevy model sounds fast, but by adding "MI", you will see there is something wrong.
2. Have you "SCENA" the script for the Kia model? I can't imagine how it will play out.
3. You just need some "TE" to bring it all together with this Acura model.
4. It would've been smashing if "I'D" been in the middle of this Hyundai model.
5. A good vehicle is rare; this Ford model with "RARY" will not last forever.
6. Designing a floor? Add a "TILE" to this Nissan model and it will have many uses.
7. Insert an "NSU" into this Dodge model and you will be able to seek advice.

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