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The Black Pawn


Fun:*** (2.41)
Difficulty:** (1.29)
Submitted By:kitty-cat


A chessboard is set up, and all the pieces are in their starting place except a black pawn, which has moved forward two spaces.

Is this position possible while still following all the rules of chess?

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Posted by ThinksForFun on Jul 28, 2013

Nice one!

Posted by kitty-cat on Jul 28, 2013

Thanks! Credit goes to Trenton Lee Stewart and his series The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Posted by eighsse on Jul 29, 2013

Tricky! I had to look it up to even see which color is supposed to go then I got it wrong because I had read into the question a line which doesn't exist, saying that only one move has taken place. Long story short: I fell for it!

Posted by bababawhomp on Aug 11, 2013

I remembered this problem from The Mysterious Benedict Society. I remember really enjoying it then and now.

Posted by dangerouspie101 on Feb 23, 2014

I love the Mysterious Benedict Society!

Posted by dalfamnest on Aug 02, 2016

Hmmm...I marked this "Easy" because I knew the answer easily - FALSE! Then I read the answer and realised I was wrong - not so easy after all. Good teaser - thanks!

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