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Poisonous Snakes

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Submitted By:brainyboy518


There are no poisonous snakes in the world. How is this possible?


Snakes are never considered poisonous, only venomous.

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Posted by eighsse on Jul 30, 2013

I guessed right But only because it sounded like it could be right...not because I know of any difference between a "venom" and a "poison," but "venom" sounds more natural like that produced by an animal.

Posted by SaraGrace on Aug 01, 2013

I got this one. Not too hard good one

Posted by Mad-Ade on Aug 11, 2013

but Venomous is defined as Poisonous by the dictionary and the word Venom comes from the Latin word "venenum" which means poison.

Posted by xmum on Aug 22, 2013

There is an African snake that has a toxic substance in its flesh. It is not venomous. If it bites you, you will not die, but, if you eat it, you will croak for sure. I don't have time to google it. If you care, check it out. I would just advise you to not eat snakes. They don't taste that good. Stick to chicken.

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