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Up, Down, and All Around

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (1.95)
Submitted By:ThinksForFun


What does the following represent?


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Posted by eighsse on Sep 15, 2013

Fun and creative, but not obvious or easy. Just like a rebus is supposed to be! Good one!

Posted by Fairy-Tail on Oct 27, 2013

Love it! Hard,tricky,and a bit confusing,but if you really think you get it! I really had to think and I thank you for that. I really needed to get my brain started! Great job! Hope you make more!

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Mar 29, 2014

Spiral effect. I liked that.
Very creative.

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 02, 2014

AND .....

... just noticed I'd failed to vote. Gave it tops for fun.


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