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Gone Fishing

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Fun:** (2.1)
Difficulty:* (0.46)
Submitted By:Hercules


Sam, Harry, and Alicia all went on a fishing trip. One fish was caught at 9:00 am, one at 8:45 am, and one at 9:30 am. Three types of fish were caught: tuna, bass, and mackerel. Can you figure out who caught what fish and at what time?

Clues are as follows:

1. Sam didn't catch the mackerel.
2. Harry fell asleep after Sam and Alicia caught their fish, only to be surprised with a bite.
3. Alicia made fun of her comrade for catching a tiny tuna fish.
4. Sam didn't get the first catch.
5. Harry was proud of his fish, which wasn't a mackerel.
6. The tuna was caught third.

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Posted by BeanSC on Oct 16, 2013

Nice logic puzzle, thanks!

Posted by puzzlelover on Oct 16, 2013

That was really easy! I got it with just the first four clues.

Posted by J-Five on Nov 04, 2013

Same here, I also only needed the first 4 clues.

Posted by Rileyd on Jan 25, 2014

I love logic grid, so this one was easy but fun!

Posted by dewtell on Jan 08, 2015

The first 4 clues tell you what time everyone caught their fish, but only rule out Alicia catching the tuna and Sam catching the mackerel. You really do need the last two clues to solve the puzzle, unless you are guessing.

Posted by 30angel100 on Mar 28, 2015

You don't need the 5th hint.

Posted by bloody-albatros on Jun 15, 2015

easiest way (imho) is to go along with the clues: 6 - 2 - 1 - 4

3 & 5 are not necessary ... maybe for the hint-section?

Posted by dewtell on Jun 23, 2015

bloody-albatros is correct: clues 3 and 5 are redundant. Each of 1, 2, 4, and 6 are necessary to make the solution unique, even with 3 & 5 in the mix. Here are alternate solutions (in time order) if one of the 4 other clues is omitted:

Without clue #1: (Alicia, Bass; Sam, Mackerel; Harry, Tuna).
Without clue #2: (Harry, Bass; Alicia, Mackerel; Sam, Tuna).
Without clue #4: (Sam, Bass; Alicia, Mackerel; Harry, Tuna).
Without clue #6: (Alicia, Mackerel; Sam, Tuna; Harry, Bass).

Posted by LanceAlot on Sep 29, 2015


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