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Submitted By:fishmed


It's 3 am, the doorbell rings and wakes you up. It's your parents and they are here for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread, and cheese . What is the 1st thing you open?

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Posted by ctic3859 on Nov 03, 2013

Love it!

Posted by Chesters17 on Nov 04, 2013


Posted by jhosek on Nov 05, 2013

Nope, I disagree. the correct answer is your eyes.

This has been floating around Facebook as the Giraffe challenge (called so because if you get it wrong you are expected to change your profile picture to a giraffe)

Posted by fishmed on Nov 05, 2013

i had thought about that, but felt that would put more into the trick category. as such, I went with the door instead.

Posted by spikethru4 on Nov 06, 2013

I think it's quite logical to open your eyes before the door. It's only perceived as a trick because most people don't take into account all the information given to them.

Posted by fishmed on Nov 07, 2013

Okay, so based on these comments, I have submitted the request to change it. Thanks for the feedback.

Posted by Tao_Lu on Nov 29, 2013

A variation on the old "light the match before you light the candle, lantern, or fireplace".

Posted by charlottes-odd on Dec 23, 2013

Great one fishmed!

Posted by Rileyd on Jan 26, 2014

Wasn't thinkin about it that way

Posted by Rhythmic on Jan 29, 2014


Posted by fishmed on Jan 29, 2014

actually being updated now

Posted by rlclarke on Jan 31, 2014

Yeah, your eyes. I mean, geez, it's 3am!!!

Posted by rlclarke on Jan 31, 2014

I'm sorry! I'm not answering if it's my DEAD mom and dad at the door at 3am!

Posted by fishmed on Jan 31, 2014

my son said he'd still be up at 3am, so door would be right. so I guess it's situational...

Posted by Mini777 on Feb 01, 2014

It says 'you are woken up' so your eyes are already open. The door is correct.

Posted by spikethru4 on Feb 02, 2014

Mini: are you awake? Now close your eyes. Are you still awake?

Posted by zembobo on May 28, 2014

I thought about saying "eyes" but then reread the question and went with "door" which is the correct answer by the way. Look at the information given..the doorbell rings and WAKES YOU UP so you're eyes were already open when the question was asked about what you open first. Well, since I was awake, my eyes were already open so after that the first thing I open is the door. Open to interpretation I suppose but "door" seems more correct to me. Anyone else agree?

Posted by LogicalRoger on Sep 13, 2014

Yeah, I think door makes a lot more sense than eyes. How is one supposed to know they are dreaming?

Posted by Eminem on Jul 05, 2015

If Im sleeping then eyes. If im awake the door and if both is done then the fridge

Posted by Alpha_Mark on Jun 05, 2016

If I am blind then door :-) so the question needs to be edited

Posted by Dominic49ers on Jul 05, 2017

i thought it was the door

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