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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


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Submitted By:BadBunnee02


What would you call the following expression?

it = 1/7 of a week

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Posted by khadijaajeje on Apr 03, 2014

a day

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 03, 2014

Hey, khadijaajeje -

Welcome to Braingle, welcome to the Rebus category, and congratulations on your correct answer.

Thank you for your visit and your vote (if you did so).


Posted by BeanSC on Apr 04, 2014

Like hair coloring - nice and easy! Thanks

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 04, 2014

Thanks for the visit & comment, BSC.

I believe in tossing an EZ one in every so often.

If, however, you'd prefer one a bit more difficult ..... try this:


It's a rebus. If you figure it out, send me a PM. I'll let you know if it's correct and then post it here.

Posted by eighsse on Apr 04, 2014

Clear, precise, and simple, just as a rebus should be. Good one!

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 04, 2014

Thank you, eighsse. I value and respect your contributions.

AND ... you sent me a PM with one of the correct solutions to the above rebus (or, I should say, "near-rebus" expressions).

I'll explain that, later.

You said "I stand alone" - EXCELLENT!!

There is one OTHER solution for this "near-rebus":


Anybody ? - PM me if you get it.

Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 05, 2014

OK - here's the deal:

I got a couple of e-mails about the "mystery" answer to this "near-rebus":


IF you do NOT want me to reveal that you are the source of the answer, then tell me so in your PM to me. I'll keep it a secret.

Otherwise .... if you DO wish to post it here WITHOUT a PM to me, that's OK, too.


Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 05, 2014

AND .... (forgot to add):

eighsse was NOT the source of confusion about when/where/how to suggest the answer.

eighssee did just FINE !!


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