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Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:** (1.23)
Submitted By:klsowell


Two girls and two boys - Sarah, Kate, Connor, and Jared - were playing the game Minecraft one day. They each had a different username, build, and favorite block. Using the clues, can you figure out which is which?

Names: Sarah, Kate, Jared, Connor
Builds: Castle, Mansion, Skyscraper, Statue
Usernames: puppy23, DragonLord, Blue_Pencil, jtepic
Favorite Blocks: Emerald, Cobblestone, Sponge, Redstone


1. The four people are: Blue_Pencil, the one who likes emerald, the one who built the skyscraper, and Jared.

2. Neither of the boys like puppies, so they didn't choose their username after them.

3. Connor's favorite block is almost electric - it can power machines and prime TNT.

4. Jared is into medieval builds, and so made his build in that style.

5. puppy23 was very proud of the "skin" - or avatar - she'd made, so she built it in huge scale so everyone could see it.

6. Even though Sarah offered to help, DragonLord built his skyscraper all by himself. He used redstone for the lights and all the mechanics - his favorite block.

7. The girl who liked cobblestone wanted to make a big build, like the others, but she also built something she could live in. She also made her friend, puppy23, her own room.

8. Sarah thought emerald was a way overused block, and much preferred her favorite - cobblestone.

9. At school, Sarah has had exactly one pencil throughout the entire school year, and it's bright blue.

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Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 02, 2014

Good job but I'm not very good at these things, even when I use a grid, matrix, or table.

I like them, though, because of the challenge (to me) of something new.

I gave it high marks and would like to see more from you.


Posted by safire2191 on Apr 27, 2014

Very clever, I enjoyed it.

However, not ever having played MineCraft, a useful hint would have been about the electric stone.

Posted by Steve275 on May 06, 2014

OK, I should have paid more attention to the title, it might have helped more if it was subtitled "Knowledge of Minecraft would be helpful.

I managed to complete it, but that was in spite of baffling clues.

Posted by LogicalRoger on May 21, 2014

Even if you haven't played Minecraft, almost all of the clues should be standard. The only ones that might confuse people would be the ones about redstone and there are even two helpful clues about it. It was good but quite easy. Some clues, I felt, stated the same thing twice making it relatively easy. Good show, though.

Posted by Steve275 on Jul 09, 2014

I too know nothing about Minecraft, but that is half the charm of doing these things, you invade someone else's world for a few minutes.

Some of the clues were baffling, but that just makes it more of an achievement.

Posted by mrsfessler on Jul 16, 2014

I know nothing about Minecraft, but enjoyed this. The last clue is unnecessary and there was a little confusion, because one could "live" in either a castle or a mansion, but I figured it out! Good job!

Posted by dewtell on Jan 08, 2015

Several clues were flawed, or required knowledge of Minecraft to figure out; these don't really belong in a logic-grid puzzle. What pencil Sara used at school gives you a good guess about what her user name is likely to be, but it doesn't strictly give you any information about the puzzle - she could really like that pencil and still call herself DragonLord. Clue #5 doesn't really tell you anything about what puppy23 built - it only tells you that she is female, which we already knew from clue #2 (and without knowing whether jtepic might refer to a dog's name, clue 2 left it ambiguous whether this was a legal user id for the boys). Clue #3 tells you nothing unless you have outside knowledge of what Minecraft blocks do.

An ideal logic-grid puzzle shouldn't require any knowledge of the outside world beyond what is stated in the problem (sometimes people stretch this in assuming that we know which names are male or female), and should be precise about what possibilities each clue is ruling in or out. I appreciate the effort in creating this puzzle, but I would recommend tightening up your clues in future puzzles of this sort.

Posted by Hello26 on Jan 27, 2015

Had fun with this. I am a Minecraft player so it wasn't that hard. Being a non-Minecraft player would still make it easy though. Anyways, go to Youtube and look up DanTDM. Love him! Not really, like like... he's married

Posted by ultimatecub on Jun 22, 2015

Nice one. I am not an expert at L-G but I solved this one.

Posted by distended on Aug 17, 2015

Same issue with flawed clues... not all of them were logically solid, like the pencil. Also, a mansion might be medieval-themed, and the clue about the boys not liking puppies is unnecessary because puppy23 is referred to as female later on.

Still, despite problems, probably fun for kids.

Posted by LanceAlot on Sep 26, 2015

The lingo confused me a bit, but my roommate helped me so I was able to complete it. I'm sure that it is possible to complete without a knowledge of minecraft, but.... Blah. Nicely done otherwise, though.

Posted by _Eclipse_ on Nov 12, 2016

Jared is jtepic. He built the castle and his favourite block is sponge.

Connor is DragonLord. He built the skyscraper and his favourite block is redstone block.

Sarah is Blue_Pencil. She built the mansion and her favourite block is cobblestone.

Kate is puppies23. She built the statue and her favourite block is emerald.

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