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Hidden Colors

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:** (1.75)
Submitted By:Ninjaxdream


Can you find the eleven hidden colours in the following paragraph:

Many injured animals are invited to live at the 'Toronto Range'. Stop in kangaroo corner and marvel at the lovely creatures within. Dig over the potato patch to find small furry caterpillars, but don't yell! Owls can be found swooping for edible rodents, earwigs or perhaps bluebottles in the undergrowth. The brown bear, Rob, lacks grace and may look like an ogre, enter at your own risk! Peacocks can be found showing their colourful wares, which look fantastic when viewed with our ultraviolet torch.


Many inju(red) animals are invited t(o live) at the 'Toront(o Range)'. Sto(p in k)angaroo corner and marvel at the lovely creatures with(in. Dig o)ver the potato patch to find small furry caterpillars, but don't (yell! Ow)ls can be found swooping fo(r ed)ible rodents, earwigs or perhaps (blue)bottles in the undergrowth. The (brown) bear, Ro(b, lack)s grace and may look like an o(gre, en)ter at your own risk! Peacocks can be found showing their colourful wares, which look fantastic when viewed with our ultra(violet) torch.

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Posted by karelmania on Mar 10, 2003

Interesting but soo easy

Posted by tissue on Mar 10, 2003

Yeah, but it was fun. I think the point of it was to get it right.

Posted by shaylor on Mar 11, 2003

red in there twice...injuRED

Posted by stkaplan on Mar 16, 2003

C'mon...ultraviolet is a color...

Posted by bluetwo on Mar 17, 2003

yes, red is in there twice. also, (aside from the red thing), there are actually TWELVE colours in the paragraph... you forgot about the word "COLOUR" itself! hehehe.. =)

Posted by horse_luver on Mar 18, 2003

Aside from the red thing (which I also noticed), and the fact that blue, brown and violet were completely obvious, GR8 TEASER!

Posted by Ilovepink4 on Jun 26, 2005

I thought it was kind of hard at first but it was fun.

Posted by twixy on Aug 13, 2006

love it.

Posted by OldChinaHand on Dec 08, 2006

A very nice teaser, good for the many diverse language skill levels here at Braingle. It is this diversity and not individualistic perspectives that I find most appealing here. And it is appealing to that diversity that is the challenge for contributors. So well done.

Posted by Trishgal on Dec 08, 2006

Got them all ,besides in digo and I just gave up nice teaser

Posted by qwertyopiusa on Dec 08, 2006


Posted by hoyty on Dec 08, 2006

easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Posted by pleroux on Dec 08, 2006

Good teaser! Despite what some people have saids about "brown" being obvious, it was the third last one I found! Keep up the great work

Posted by puttumup on Dec 08, 2006

that was great i loved it..right up my ally .great job ..and im skimpy on the complimants,,,

Posted by bradon182001 on Dec 08, 2006

This was kind of easy, but since I didn't find all of them, it was kind of hard. It really was a good test of patience to make sure I found them all. Each time I read the paragraph, I'd find another. Good job.

Posted by on Dec 08, 2006

OK, I missed "olive", but you didn't count "peacock" - it's a shade of blue.

Nice little challenge first thing in the a.m.

Posted by coachpisco on Dec 08, 2006

I really liked this one.

Posted by goodyfish on Dec 08, 2006

Fun brain teaser, but no one mentioned that PEA is also a color, so there are 12

Posted by locutus13ds on Dec 08, 2006

Got all but Olive and Indigo. I guess I deal in primaries only.. Ha Good One.

Posted by I_Write_Books on Dec 08, 2006

Not too bad

Posted by I_Write_Books on Dec 08, 2006

enjoyable but easy

Posted by scallio on Dec 08, 2006

Darn the colors OLIVE and INDIGO! I didn't find them. I assumed you must have been referring to Peacock (blue?) and Pea (as in pea green) as colors.

I must have read that paragraph 6 times!

Thanks for a fun morning!

Posted by tonjawithaj on Dec 08, 2006

I missed olive and indigo too, but ah well! It was well done! Keep em coming!

Posted by Synlapse on Dec 08, 2006

I got all but olive, but olived it anyway.

Posted by nikitafullmoon on Dec 08, 2006

That was fun!

I agree with OldChinaHand; we have to remember that we're not all from the USA. Also, to expand on that, we're all different ages, too, and what might be really easy for a 30-year old could be difficult for an 8-year old...and vice-versa, believe me...!

And thanks, Ninjaxdream, for the Canadian/British spelling of "colourful"!

Posted by iteachkids on Dec 08, 2006

I had to print it out and go from there.
What a FUN one! Thanx!!!

Posted by amn0856 on Dec 08, 2006

it was such a fun teaser, I didn't find the red that you had listed because it was the first thing I found in inju(red), so I wasn't looking for it!

Posted by bookwormRLB on Dec 08, 2006

Got 10 of them! I missed black. I had wondered if it was a trick since red's in there twice.

Posted by senther7 on Dec 08, 2006


fun word "serch"

got all the obips

Posted by breathesunshine on Dec 08, 2006

This was fun! I also had to print it out so I could circle as I went. I found 11 but included two reds and peacock. I missed black and green. I guess if you included pea as a color there could really be 13! Keep up the good work!

Posted by becky18567 on Dec 08, 2006

i liked that one! it was easy and hard at the same time

Posted by celtic_knot on Dec 08, 2006

Olive?! I don't think that's a good color. You should try to use more well known colors. But otherwise good.

Posted by phyllisa on Dec 08, 2006

I really liked this one! I missed pink but put in Pea as in pea green. Good one!

Posted by Kelby on Dec 09, 2006

I LOVE teasers like this! ! They make me excited. Submit more!

Posted by KAMEREONE on Dec 09, 2006

Guess I wasn't the only one who saw the second 'red'! Aside from that, this was great fun, had to actually wake up to see it!

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Dec 10, 2006

Got all except Indigo. Fine teaser. WTG.

Posted by CSIFreke10190 on Dec 10, 2006

Inju(RED) bothered me too.

Posted by zaya on Dec 11, 2006

Nice one, missed olive and indigo, but found both reds so I thought I was only missing one.

Posted by vlerma on Dec 16, 2006

Very nice job. I like word searches like this and for me it was very easy. You had a very nice theme to write about however. More please?

Posted by Qrystal on Dec 18, 2006

I enjoyed that. I also saw two "red"s, noted that "peacock" is a colour, and can keep the others company in missing "olive"... but thinking I had 11 already (plus an extra red), I stopped looking.

At one point though, just for fun, I decided to try looking backwards... and I saw poo!! That can be a colour too!

(Oh dear. )

Posted by Qrystal on Dec 18, 2006

OH yeah and: I appreciate seeing "colour" spelled that way! WOOHOO!

Posted by teen_wiz on Feb 03, 2007

Qrystal... naughty, naughty...

I also missed olive, but got the rest. Great job!!

Posted by doehead on Dec 08, 2009

I guess all the little ones will enjoy this when they get home from school.Way to easy for anybody over 12.

Posted by warorpeace on Dec 08, 2009

that was hard cause this is my first teaser @braingle

Posted by auntiesis on Dec 08, 2009

Not too easy, not too hard. Just the way I like them.

Posted by emu77alu02 on Dec 08, 2009

Olive stumped me! I was trying to find purple or white for the 11th.
It was a really fun teaser!

Posted by patiencewithaP on Dec 08, 2009

Fun even though I missed olive. Great job!

Posted by braingle100 on Dec 08, 2009

I really liked this teaser, and I got
Brown, Voilet, Pink, and another easy one.

Posted by braingle100 on Dec 08, 2009

blue was the other one, sorry for double posting.

Posted by UptheHill on Dec 08, 2009

Color Wonderful!!!

Posted by leroyleroy on Dec 08, 2009

very colorful--its good

Posted by bookworm0812 on Dec 08, 2009

Ummmm....puting red in here twice doesn't count as 11 colors, it's only 10!

Posted by elentir on Dec 09, 2009

@ Bookworm - They weren't counting red twice. There are 11 unique colors listed above.

Posted by crocodile on Aug 17, 2010

I loved this teaser! Easy Peesy, but if there really was a Toronto Range, I'd go there!

Posted by Babe on Dec 08, 2012

Enjoyable one and challenging. Fun!

Posted by gaylewolf on Dec 08, 2012

Fun! Thanks for posting.

Posted by lukasiwicz on Dec 08, 2012

If one considers "pea" to be a color, there are 13 colors in the passage, not counting the dual occurrence of "red," and not counting the word "colour,": red, olive, orange, pink, indigo, vert (a shade of green), yellow, blue, brown, black, green, pea (another shade of green), and violet. So there.

Posted by cutebug on Dec 08, 2012

A little too easy.

Posted by Caramell on Dec 08, 2012

technically there is only 10 colors cos red has been used twice.

Posted by bestgirl on Dec 08, 2012

This type is not my cup of tea, but I see a lot of people like them.

Posted by Maggiethe8th on Dec 08, 2012

I only had energy/patience for the first 6 as I started my Saturday routine-loved the giggle feeling when I saw them! thank you!

Posted by iggy39 on Dec 08, 2012

I thought it was well planned and fun.
I missed indigo but I really enjoyed this one. Thx I was looking for other things too, like food or animals but didn't come up with a whole lot of either. Just really enjoyed this one. I said that didn't I

Posted by catmom on Dec 08, 2015

I can't believe that I got them all on the first run through. Yay!

Posted by raisin99 on Dec 08, 2015

easy, but enjoyable
I did find red twice

Posted by raisin99 on Dec 08, 2015

easy, but enjoyable
I did find red twice

Posted by dsjt on Dec 08, 2015

Actually the correct answer to the question posed is...


The question was... "Can you find the eleven hidden colours in the following paragraph:"

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