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Day at the Pet Shop

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Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:** (2.05)
Submitted By:Puppypaws129


Five People went to the pet shop on different days of the week. They each bought a different breed of dog and a different color dog bowl for them. There are three girls and two guys.
Girl's Names: Ashley, Camile, and Jenny
Guy's Names: Andrew and Brandon
Last Names: Anderson, White, Miller, Green, and Smith
Dog Breeds: St. Bernard, Pug, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, and Bulldog
Bowl Colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, and Yellow
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

1. No one's first name starts with the same letter as their last name or the first letter of the breed of dog they bought.

2. Andrew's last name is Green, but it's not his favorite color, nor is it the color of his bowl.

3. The order in which they bought their dogs are as follows: The guy whose bowl is yellow, the one who bought the St. Bernard, the girl whose last name is White, the person with the pink bowl, and Brandon.

4. Camile bought her dog before Ashley (who has a blue bowl) but after the person with the yellow bowl.

5. Jenny and Camile both hate the color green and they spent all day at the park together on Wednesday.

6. The girl whose last name is Miller and the girl whose last name is Smith are, in some order, the one who bought the Australian Shepherd, and the one who bought their dog on Tuesday.

7. Each of the guys bought one of the two small dogs.

8. The girl whose last name is Miller bought her dog after the girl who bought the purple bowl.

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Ashley: White, Golden Retriever, Blue, Wednesday

Camile: Smith, St. Bernard, Purple, Tuesday

Jenny: Miller, Australian Shepherd, Pink, Thursday

Andrew: Green, Bulldog, Yellow, Monday

Brandon: Anderson, Pug, Green, Friday


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Posted by tigershelton on Jun 16, 2005

This was a great one! I hung in there until I solved it!

Posted by scihead on Jun 16, 2005

This one was fun, but would be better if it was stated that they all bought them the _same_ week. (otherwise they could ahve been bought different weeks, and the order clues don't really help). Thanks!

Posted by PCDguitar on Jun 17, 2005

i did not like this teasere at all maybe it will be better next time and i also just did 1 like this and im tired of them

Posted by brainfog on Jun 17, 2005

I really liked this one - fun! I also think you can do without clue #5, because if you follow the earlier clues properly, clue #5 becomes redundant.

Really good work!

Posted by laxgal042 on Jun 18, 2005

Pretty good dude!

Posted by reynel92 on Jun 24, 2005

im wit brainfog on da #5 comment. also, the teaser waz pretty cool 2 me since i luv dogs

Posted by beachbabe1218 on Jul 03, 2005

it was impossible to find an answer to camielle and jenny's last names. i don't think it was specified. otherwise, a good puzzle.

Posted by Gizzer on Jul 06, 2005

Clue 8 gives that information, beachbabe.

Posted by chaskey on Aug 02, 2005

This is a very good one! That 3rd clue takes forever! It's a good thing I love dogs! Fun!

Posted by mejoza on Aug 09, 2005

Very good. Liked it a lot. I like your teasers.

Posted by elemandia on Jul 16, 2006

is a bulldog small?? i think of them as being big dogs...

Posted by dreamlvr1432 on Sep 28, 2007

Good teaser! This one was kinda easy, but made me think at the same time.

Posted by Raejean on Oct 05, 2007

I chose this puzzle because I like dogs, but I didn't know which breeds were large or small. I narrowed down two, and the rest were eliminated or chosed based on other clues. I LOVED this puzzle! Good job, I hope there are more.

Posted by june12 on Jun 07, 2008

very good clues i enjoyed it

Posted by itsnubs on Jan 14, 2009

if jenny and camile went to the dog park on wednesday, then why did jenny go to the pet shop of thursday? it doesnt make sense to me.

Posted by Im_JustMe on May 20, 2009

Great teaser! Made perfect sense to me =)

Posted by LanceAlot on Oct 06, 2015

Seems like going to the park implied that they were with their dogs because otherwise this clue is useless unless you either infer that they were at the park for the amount of time that the pet store was open, or if you look at the hint. I don't like it when the hint is a crucial part of the puzzle

Posted by LanceAlot on Oct 06, 2015

In reference to my earlier comment, Petco is open till nine and the parks around here close at sundown. So I guess it depends on your definition of day, what time of year, and where you are.

Posted by UncutDragon on Nov 07, 2017

I agree Clue 5 is not needed. Which mitigates the above comment about the hint being required - although personally, I didn't have any problem interpreting it correctly without the hint.

I did need the hint for which breeds where the 'two small dogs' though. I don't think of a bulldog as a small dog (I think it's actually considered a medium-sized dog).

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