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Alphabet Pyramids

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


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Did you know that the mango is one of the world's most popular fruits? The mango is grown in North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, south and central Africa, as well as its native southern and south-east Asia.

The mango is also packed with vitamins A, B and C.

While eating a mango the other day, I started thinking about the ABC's. Then I remembered the set of 5-sided alphabet pyramids I had as a child.

Here are some 5-letter words that can be spelled with just 5 of my pyramids:


Using these words, can you figure out which letters appear on each pyramid?


Let's start with the word MANGO, and assign a number to each pyramid.

1: M
2: A
3: N
4: G
5: O

The word LEMON shares 3 letters with MANGO, so the L and E must go with the A and G, in some order. Because of the word PEACH, the E and A cannot be on the same pyramid, so the E must be on pyramid 4, while the L is on pyramid 2.

Because of the word OCHRE, neither the C or H of PEACH can be on the same pyramid with the O, so the P must be on pyramid 5.

Because of the word CANDY, the C cannot be on the same pyramid as the N, so it is with the M, leaving the H with the N. The Y cannot be with the O (FORTY), so it must be with the G, and the D is with the O. The R must then be on pyramid 2, to complete OCHRE.

1: M, C
2: A, L, R
3: N, H
4: G, E, Y
5: O, P, D

The F and T of FORTY must be on pyramids 1 and 3, but the H and T cannot be on the same pyramid (LIGHT), so the T is on pyramid 1 and the F is on pyramid 3. This means that the I must be on pyramid 5, in order to complete LIGHT.

1: M, C, T
2: A, L, R
3: N, H, F
4: G, E, Y
5: O, P, D, I

The J and B of JABOT must be on pyramids 3 and 4, but the B cannot be with the E, or else one cannot spell BELOW. Also, the W must be on pyramid 1.

1: M, C, T, W
2: A, L, R
3: N, H, F, B
4: G, E, Y, J
5: O, P, D, I

The X in HELIX must be on pyramid 1, so we now have all the letters on that pyramid. There is only one letter left on pyramid 3, and it must be in VIEUX, QUEST and QUICK, so it must be the U. The V from VIEUX must therefore be on pyramid 2.

The Q cannot be on the same pyramid as the I, in order to spell QUICK, so it is also on pyramid 2. The S cannot be on the same pyramid as the E (QUEST), so is therefore on pyramid 5, and the K is the last letter on pyramid 4.

1: M, C, T, W, X
2: A, L, R, V, Q
3: N, H, F, B, U
4: G, E, Y, J, K
5: O, P, D, I, S


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