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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


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My hash marks are not used
For setting up a tweet
Instead they designate
A place where couples meet

My blues are not the ones
Involving emotion
But they serve to restrict
Certain forward motion

When you cross my red line
You won't be in trouble
You will have reached the goal
Should your distance double

Periodically cleaned
To facilitate play
Helping a cylinder
To move along its way

What am I?


an ice hockey rink

lines 1-4: The "hash marks" are the markings on the ice surface indicating where the two players (a "couple"), one from each hockey team, position themselves to take a face-off, a means by which the play is resumed after a stoppage. The "hash mark" character ("#") is used on a social networking website, such as Twitter, in the formation of a hashtag.

lines 5-8: The "blues" here are referring to the two blue lines, which divide the hockey rink into three zones: the neutral zone, the attacking zone, and the defending zone. The blue lines are used to determine whether a team's entry into the attacking zone is legal. If not, there is a stoppage in play (and a subsequent resulting face-off) due to the play being ruled as "offside".

lines 9-12: The reference to "red line" here is not in the figurative sense, but is an actual red line which is referred to as such or alternatively as the "centre line", since it is located at the centre of the ice hockey rink. Therefore, if an attacking player has just crossed this red line, they have just passed the midpoint of the rink, and therefore would be about halfway to the opposing team's "goal".

lines 13-16: For each hockey game the rink is cleaned at least three times: before the first period (before the game), before the second period (during the first intermission), and before the third period (during the second intermission). This is why it is described as being "periodically cleaned". This helps the "cylinder" which is the hockey puck, to move better along the ice, as the cleaning/resurfacing smoothens out the ice surface.


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