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You exercise your body to stay physically in shape, so why shouldn't you exercise your brain to stay mentally fit? With these daily exercises you will learn how to flex your mind, improve your creativity and boost your memory. As with any exercise, repetition is necessary for you to see improvement, so pick your favorite exercises from our daily suggestions and repeat them as desired. Try to do some mentalrobics every single day!

A person with a type A personality is someone who is very driven and competitive. They are generally more assertive, impatient and always in a hurry. Type A people push themselves to the limits by multitasking and setting difficult goals and deadlines.

This term was originally coined by Dr. Meyer Friedman and Dr. Ray H. Rosenman to describe behaviors that can significantly increase the risk of heart disease and other stress related illnesses.

If you answer yes to a majority of the following questions, then you may be a type A person.

1. Do you get bothered waiting in line at a store or restaurant?
2. Do you think about other things when talking to other people?
3. Do you have a hard time falling asleep?
4. Do you get bothered by the way other people drive?
5. Do people ever tell you to calm down, chill out, or take it easy?
6. Do you grind your teeth?
7. Do you often ask people to get to the point or give you a summary of what they are talking about?
8. Do you enjoy change?

If you want to become more relaxed, you might start by practicing proper breathing. Meditation may also be helpful.


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