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Blast Off!

This is a quiz about model rockets.


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#1   The simplest form of model rocket, using compressed air, is called a __________ rocket.

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#2   Which of the following is not considered one of the four "forces on a model rocket"?

#3   Pitch, Yaw and Roll are types of rocket __________.

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#4   The stages in the flight of a model rocket are as follows: Launch, Powered Ascent, _________, Ejection Charge, Slow Descent & Recovery.

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#5   Because a model rocket is not very stable at lift-off, it rides up a launch rail using a __________ to keep it in place.

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#6   A typical model rocket engine is identified by a letter and numbers. An example is B6-4. The letter indicates the engine size and the first number is the seconds of thrust. What does the second number represent?

#7   The most widely known manufacturer of model rockets is _________.

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#8   A rocket that uses neither parachute or streamer to aid its recovery is called a _________ rocket.

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#9   Which item cannot be used for rocket payloads?

#10   The tissue-like paper that is placed within a rocket to protect the parachute is called ______________.

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