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What do you know about the show "MythBusters"?


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#1   Their first official episode was "Penny Drop, Deadly Microwaves, Radio Tooth Fillings".

#2   In pilot episode 3: "Poppy-Seed Drug Test", they found out that:

#3   In episode 80: "Big Rig Myths", the team figured out that riding close to a big rig actually causes you to lose gas mileage.

#4   In episode 74: "Dog Myths", they found out it is possible to teach an old dog a new trick.

#5   In episode 18: "Beat the Radar Detector", did they find a method to beat a speeding ticket?

#6   What is the name of the person who has been dragged behind a horse and has tried to jump a wagon with a bike?

#7   What is the name of their crash test dummy that has suffered fires, explosions, etc....?

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#8   If a myth is proven to be false through vigorous tests, what do they consider it?

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#9   When a myth is proven to be able to happen, but isn't very likely to happen, it is marked "Plausible".

#10   When they test a myth, and it is proven that it can happen for whatever reason, what is it considered?

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