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What game am I?


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#1   I was played in many gym classes. The goal is to be the last person or team standing at the end of the game. Be careful you don't get hit by a ball. What game am I?

#2   I'm played when a child hops over a squatting child's back. What game am I?

#3   Grab a friend or two, a piece of chalk, a stone, and have fun on the sidewalk or schoolyard. What game am I?

#4   I involve your hands and a long piece of string or yarn. What game am I?

#5   It takes two teams to play me. One team stands in a straight line and holds hands to make a chain, while the other team tries to break through one by one. What game am I?

#6   To play me, one child is "it" and has to chase the other children around. Remember, if you get caught you are now "it". What game am I?

#7   I have a total of 11 pieces. To play, you throw 10 of the pieces onto a hard, flat surface. The eleventh piece is used to help pick up the others starting with "onesies". What game am I?

#8   It takes at least two people to play me. I can be played inside or outside. "Ready or not, here I come". What game am I?

#9   I have been played at many birthday parties. Round and round you go, when the music stops make sure you are not the last one standing. What game am I?

#10   I am played while swimming in water. I'm named after a famous explorer. Try not to get caught or you may become "it". What game am I?




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