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"The Eternal City"

Rome might be high on the list when you think of places to see in Italy. How much do you know about the history of this important European city?


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#1   According to legend, Rome was founded in:

#2   The Roman Republic was undefeated until it was occupied by the Celts in:

#3   For almost a thousand years, Rome was the most politically important, richest, and largest city in the Western world.

#4   A Carthaginian general who used elephants to cross the Alps with an enormous force and who defeated the Romans in several decisive battles was:

#5   One form of entertainment in ancient Rome was armed combat, often to the death between trained fighters, who were called ___________.

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#6   A very popular location for gory entertainment in Rome was known as the ________.

#7   After the end of the Punic Wars, the Romans began to make significant cultural advances. They adopted much of their literature, religion, and philosophy from the:

#8   A leader of the Gauls, who revolted against Roman rule and was defeated, was:

#9   A great leader of the Romans, Julius Caesar, was assassinated by Republican nobles in 44 BC.

#10   Julius Caesar wrote a book about the Gallic wars, which has become a classic traditionally assigned to second year Latin students.

#11   In the reign of ___________, the Bishop of Rome gained political and religious importance, established Rome as the center of the Catholic Church, and became known as the Pope.

#12   The Roman Empire fell in:




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