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"Code Lyoko" Characters: Odd

This is a basic quiz about Odd, from the show "Code Lyoko".


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Created By:LyokoLover1114


#1   What is Odd's last name?

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#2   What characteristics best describe Odd?

#3   What type of animal does Odd have as a pet?

#4   What is the name of Odd's pet?

#5   What is Odd's vehicle on Lyoko?

#6   In the episode "Rock Bottom", who is the girl who Odd takes a liking to?

#7   What is Odd's power on Lyoko?

#8   Odd has dated every girl in his grade, plus some upperclassmen.

#9   Odd shoots laser _______ from his cat paws.

#10   In the episode "Seeing is Believing", who is the girl that Odd seems to be interested in?




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