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Tommy Boy

How well do you remember the scenes from Chris Farley and David Spade's hit "Tommy Boy"?


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#1   How long did it take Tommy to graduate from college?

#2   When Paul comes into town, what activity does Tommy introduce him to?

#3   Where is Tommy when his father has a heart attack?

#4   Tommy and Richard hit the road to sell shares in the Callahan stock.

#5   While trying to make a sale, Tommy makes a small fire in a man's office.

#6   What happens to Richard's car?

#7   What happens to Paul after he changes the orders in the computer system?

#8   What does Tommy say to the Cop to avoid getting a ticket?

#9   What happens to Tommy while pretending to be an airline steward?

#10   What do we learn about Richard towards the end of the movie?

#11   What does Tommy do to bring a news crew to the Zalinski shareholders meeting?

#12   What does Tommy say when the dinghy's sail swings and hits his head?




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