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How well do you know your buildings?


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#1   The Empire State Building is 444 metres tall.

#2   The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower is 213 metres tall.

#3   How much does the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower clock's minute hand weigh?

#4   What was the world's tallest building in 2005?

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#5   How many floors does the Park Row Building have?

#6   In what city is the Sears Tower?

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#7   What city is the Jin Mao Building located in?

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#8   How many floors did the Equitable Life Building have?

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#9   The Equitable Life Building was 42m tall.

#10   When was Taipei 101 built?

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#11   How much water can the Ypsilanti Water Tower hold?

#12   When was the Old Executive Office Building built?

#13   Who was the architect of the Old Executive Office Building?




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