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Visiting the Pet Shop

How much do you know about the interesting trivia you might hear in the pet shop?


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#1   DOGS: As of January 2007, a Great Dane named Zorba was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest dog in the world.

#2   CATS: The reason cats can slip through the smallest of openings is because they have fewer bones than humans.

#3   REPTILES: When breeding leopard geckos, the breeder can affect what sex the egg will be by altering the temperature the egg is exposed to.

#4   RODENTS: Chinchillas love to have a nice warm bath.

#5   OTHER: It is illegal to own a ferret in the United States.

#6   DOGS: Newfoundlands are great swimmers and divers because of their webbed feet.

#7   CATS: How many teeth would you find in an adult cat's mouth?

#8   REPTILES: Amblyrhynchus cristatus, the Green Iguana is the most common iguana kept as a pet in the U.S.

#9   RODENTS: Gerbil males make excellent fathers.

#10   OTHER: When keeping Madagascar hissing cockroaches as pets, it is vital that you keep a heavy lid on the tank to keep them from flying out during the mating season.




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