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East Asia

How well do you know the locations of the mountains, rivers, and places in East Asia?


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#1   If you travel from the Tian Shan to the Kunlun Mountains, you would cross the ______.

#2   If you visit southeast Mongolia, you would be in the ______.

#3   If you travel north from the Lesser Hinggan Mountains, you would be in the ______ River.

#4   The Yellow Sea lies between China and ______.

#5   In which direction does the Yangtze River flow?

#6   A person going from Canton to Chongqing would be traveling in which direction?

#7   Which country is not one of China's neighbors?

#8   Which of the following mountains are located in the west of China?

#9   Which ocean is closest to China?

#10   What river is located between Salween River and Yangtze River?




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