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How To Make A Good Quiz

Do you know how to make a good quiz on Braingle?


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Category:Technology > Internet


#1   When making a quiz, it is great to plagiarize copyrighted questions and explanations from another website.

#2   Braingle is a family-friendly website. Which of the following topics is allowed in your quiz?

#3   Which of these is a valid question that can be used in a quiz?

#4   Which of these is a good title for a quiz?

#5   In what category should I submit a quiz about the English language?

#6   Which of the following is a valid trivia question?

#7   In your quiz, it is alright to include references to other sources, such as "Who is on my wiki?" or "What is answer #3 on my other quiz?"

#8   I can include a link to another website in my quiz.

#9   What type of question should I use if the answer is "Dr. Walter J. Smith Jr."?

#10   Good grammar and spelling are optional when creating a quiz.




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