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The Super Twilight Test!

If you have read "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, try this quiz!


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#1   What is Bella's full name?

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#2   Which of the following would best describe Bella?

#3   What color are Edward's eyes?

#4   Which of these best describes Edward?

#5   What does Bella faint at the sight of?

#6   Which of the following boys did not ask Bella to the spring dance?

#7   Who first told Bella about the "cold ones"?

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#8   How did Edward know where everything was in Bella's house?

#9   What happened in Port Angeles?

#10   What happened to Edward in the sunlight?

#11   How old was Edward when he was turned into a vampire?

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#12   Who makes up the Cullens?

#13   What game do the Cullens and Bella play in the rain?

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#14   Which of the following is not a special power that Edward has?

#15   James captured Bella's mother in order to capture Bella.

#16   What did James not do?

#17   When Bella was in the hospital, what was the story Edward and the Cullens told of what happened?

#18   Did Edward take Bella to the prom?




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