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Crash Bash

My third video game quiz will be on a PlayStation 1 game - "Crash Bash".


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Difficulty:*** (2.35)
Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:RampaginRobo


#1   At the start of the adventure, which character below did Uka Uka NOT surrender?

#2   In Warp Room 1 of the game, what is the name of the boss challenge?

#3   In the "Crashball" minigame, how many lives do the human players start with in the gem challenge?

#4   In total (i.e. in all 5 warp rooms), how many trophies are there on offer in the games?

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#5   In the game "Tilt Panic", which large animal appears to tilt the arena sharply?

#6   In "Desert Fox", the crystal challenge has a pool of water in the centre which the tanks can fall into.

#7   Which minigame's Crystal Challenge is "Win without picking up crates"?

#8   In the "Crash Dash" levels' gem challenges, how many laps have the human players got a handicap of? (i.e. How many extra laps do the human players have to do compared to the CPU?)

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#9   In "Pogo Padlock" what CAN'T anyone do?

#10   Which of these minigames is the odd-one-out?




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