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Mr. Gutenberg, I Presume

This is a quiz about elements of typography. Gutenberg invented moveable type and the printing press.


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#1   A font like Times New Roman has these, but a font like Arial or Helvetica does not.

#2   Serifs are thought to have originated:

#3   The part of the letter that goes below the baseline (the line you write or type on) is called a(n):

#4   The height of lower-case letters is called:

#5   How did lower-case letters come to be known as lower-case letters?

#6   Adjusting the space between letters is called:

#7   The space between two lines of text is called:

#8   The closed-in space in a letter like o, b, d, a or e is called a:

#9   Gutenberg, the inventor of moveable type, went bankrupt.

#10   Which of the following is not a serif typeface?




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