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Olympic Sports: Aquatics

This quiz tests your knowledge of Olympic water sports.


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#1   There are over 80 types of dives in the Olympics. How many categories do they fall under?

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#2   In diving, medals are awarded for two separate competitions. One is springboard diving. What is the other?

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#3   Greg Louganis was one of the most famous divers ever. How many gold medals did he win in Olympic competition?

#4   Which of these is not a swimming stroke?

#5   Women's swimming events were added in 1912.

#6   Mark Spitz, a famous swimmer, won how many total medals in Olympic competition?

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#7   Synchronized swimming made its Olympic debut in which year?

#8   In synchronized swimming, each judge awards a mark out of a possible what?

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#9   Water polo first appeared in the Olympics in 1900.

#10   Which country is known for dominating water polo competition?




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