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"Picture to Burn" Lyrics

Try and answer the questions correctly about "Picture to Burn".


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Category:Music > Country
Created By:Lizzie713


#1   Who sings "Picture to Burn"?

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#2   Fill in the blank: "And if you come around saying sorry to me, my _____ gonna show you how sorry you'll be."

#3   The following is correct: "I hate that stupid old pickup truck, you wouldn't let me drive."

#4   Fill in the blank: "Who's really bad at _____."

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#5   How many times is the chorus repeated?

#6   Find the correct answer to fill in the blank: "That's fine; I'll tell mine you're ______."

#7   Are the following lyrics correct? "I'm just sitting here planning my revenge."

#8   Complete the lyrics: "State the obvious, I didn't get my _______ fantasy."

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#9   Complete the lyrics: "There's no time for _____."

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#10   The correct lyrics are: "I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me."




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