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Olympic Sports: Cycling

This quiz tests your knowledge of bicycling sports in the Olympics.


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#1   Cycling made its Olympic debut in 1900.

#2   Which continent has recently dominated Olympic cycling?

#3   Road cycling consists of individual races and ___________.

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#4   In road cycling, the men's individual races are about how much longer than the women's individual races?

#5   In track cycling, the track is banked at how many degrees?

#6   Track cycling's Olympic sprint (a new event introduced in 2000) is similar to a three person relay race.

#7   Mountain biking made its Olympic debut in which year?

#8   When are the exact distances for the mountain biking race decided?

#9   What is the name of the new biking discipline that will be contested starting in the 2008 Beijing Games?

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#10   When did the International Olympic Committee decide to include BMX in the 2008 Olympics?




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