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Networking 101

This quiz tests your knowledge of concepts and terminology related to computer networking.


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#1   When computers are connected together in a network for the sole purpose of sharing documents with little attention to security or authentication, such a network is called:

#2   What does TCP/IP stand for?

#3   A server is a computer on the network that requests a service.

#4   A computer on the network that requests services from server computers is called:

#5   A system is used in the Windows server family to set up a secure client/server network. In this system, every client has to be authorized by a server first. What is this system called?

#6   If you are sitting at one computer, and you'd like to verify if another computer is on the network, which command helps you to do that? (Assume this is a TCP/IP network)

#7   The service that issues IP addresses dynamically to clients on the network is known as:

#8   If two remote networks need to be connected to each other, the device that is used to accomplish this is known as:

#9   In the late 1970s, the ISO (International Standards Organization) began to work on an abstract model of networking to set standards for networking at an international level. This model is called:

#10   A private network that is set up using the available infrastructure of a public network, but providing a secure channel, is called:




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