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This is a book about a girl and the vampire she loves.


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#1   "Eclipse" is the second book of the "Twilight" series.

#2   Who is responsible for making the army of new vampires in Seattle?

#3   Who teaches the vampires and werewolves how to battle the new vampires?

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#4   What must Bella do before Edward will change her?

#5   Who is the only female werewolf?

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#6   The name of the reservation where the Quileutes live is:

#7   The name of the royal family of vampires in Italy is:

#8   What vampire can inflict pain with his/her mind?

#9   Vampires who live off human blood have _____ eyes.

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#10   The Quileutes become werewolves when they are sixteen.

#11   Jacob is the "alpha male" of the pack.

#12   Jacob "imprinted" on Bella.




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