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Absolutely Seussical

How well do you know the author of classic children's books known as Dr. Seuss?


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#1   Dr. Seuss's real name was Theodor Geisel, but he also wrote under the pen name Theo LeSieg.

#2   He used his middle name for his Dr. Seuss pen name.

#3   The proper pronunciation of the name Seuss is "zoice".

#4   Dr. Seuss was forced to resign from his editor-in-chief position at his college newspaper for throwing a drinking party.

#5   Dr. Seuss's father and grandfather both had what occupation?

#6   Dr. Seuss earned a Ph.D in literature.

#7   Which of the following is not a Dr. Seuss book?

#8   Dr. Seuss drew most of the illustrations in his books.

#9   During his lifetime, Dr. Seuss's best selling book was "The Cat in the Hat".

#10   In what year did Dr. Seuss die?




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