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Old School Nickelodeon

Remember those good old days with Stick Stickly? This quiz will test your knowledge on the never forgotten Nickelodeon shows.


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#1   The puppet host of Nickelodeon was Stick Stickly. What was he?

#2   This show was a science fiction/horror themed show. The show featured an episode called "The Tale of the Twisted Claw".

#3   This show had a main character with a big nose. The character's dog's name was Porkchop.

#4   This show was about two red-headed brothers. One had a tattoo on his arm of a mermaid named "Petunia".

#5   This show had the adventures of teenagers at a summer camp. The introduction shows a pair of boxer shorts on a flagpole.

#6   This show was a live-action comedy with teenagers doing different sketches.

#7   This show is about a boy's family who moves into a strange town. Bizarre situations come up during their life in the town.

#8   This show is about two guys and their adventures. One of the guys loves orange soda. He does, he does, he does.

#9   This show is about a teenage girl played by Melissa Joan Hart. She describes things that happen in her life.

#10   This show is about a group of babies and their adventures.

#11   This show is about life on a ranch in Arizona.




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